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We provide our patients with the information and useful medical advice they need for treatment, and to make decisions in conducting the necessary operations, Whether it is surgery or non-surgical. our certified doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients.


TIM offers world-class cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in turkey. From our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in the heart of turkey, our team made up of the best plastic surgeons in turkey provides the full range of weight loss, breast, body, facial and skin procedures you’ve been searching for. Experience exceptional service from the moment you will be in turkey.


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In vitro fertilization

The IVF (in vitro fertilization) process, commonly known as in vitro fertilization, is the event of fertilization by the sperm in a laboratory environment outside of the body.


Most frequent questions and answers

A good hair transplant is a hair transplant in which a certain frequency and natural appearance are achieved. Successful hair transplantation from the outside looking at the scar of sowing is not obvious. In successful hair transplantation, the position of the front hairline should be well planned and the bulges should also present an image. The skill, dexterity, design and artistic ability of the expert Doctor Who will do hair transplantation in a good hair transplant is very important. The roots of the hair to be transplanted to the angle of the channel, and this angle in the direction of the angle and direction of the natural hair before their hair loss must be consistent with. If the angle and directions of the hair planted are the same as the angle and directions of the natural hair output, the natural-looking after sowing, the patient can be scanned as desired and the hair can be shaped will appear If the angles and directions of the canals opened for the hair roots to be transplanted are not well adjusted, images that will never be desired, including the appearance of the “grass man”, may appear.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed laparoscopically and 6 incisions are made at half a centimeter. Surgery is made from these small incisions. The large part of the stomach is cut and the stomach is reduced to 80% to give the stomach a banana shape. Since a small tube is inserted into the stomach during Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the delicacy of the stomach is maintained. Laparoscopic operation reduces the risk of scarring and scarring, and the patient feels less pain, less pain and shorter recovery time. Also, since the stomach is inflated with a special fluid and checked for leaks during stitches, leaks between stitches that are frequently encountered in classical surgeries are rare in Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
In normal couples without any procedure, the live birth rate during a normal menstrual period is 27.7%. This rate is 40-45% in IVF cycles.
There is a common belief that aesthetic surgery is a surgery that leaves no trace. Surgical materials and special suture materials are used for aesthetic surgery. However, these marks are hidden in aesthetic surgeries. For example, into the nostrils in the nose aesthetic surgery, eyelid aesthetic surgery in the eyelid, ear operations, such as behind the ear. In abdominal stretching, the trace is slightly longer than the cesarean section and remains hidden in the bikini area. Liposuction does not leave any marks. In some surgeries, it is not possible to hide all the scars. For example, breast reduction surgery.
Yeah. You can see pictures of the people who have already had plastic surgery, possible shapes and stitch marks if any, and what can be done by retouching your image on the computer screen, whether it suits you, or you can see various shape options. You can decide together with the physician and prevent misunderstandings and possible frustrations after cosmetic surgery. Aesthetic surgeries are performed according to the patient’s wishes, rather than medical necessity.
The falling nose is one of the most frequently asked questions. A nose tip that is properly and accurately nasally aesthetically made does not fall. The tip of the nose can be formed by cutting the cartilage roof where it needs to be protected by technical error. Decreasing of the subcutaneous tissues, decreasing of elastic fibres and ageing of the skin is a physiological condition. Even if nasal plastic surgery is not performed, it is normally a condition that can occur with ageing.

The demand for stomach reduction surgery is increasing day by day. However, life-threatening is inevitable if such operations are not performed in expert hands.


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We provide our patients with the information and useful medical advice they need for treatment, and to make decisions in conducting the necessary operations, Whether it is surgery or non-surgical. our certified doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients.

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