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Vaginoplasty (Genital Aesthetics)

Vaginoplasty; age, giving birth, gynaecological interventions due to reasons such as relaxation and loss of elasticity that occurs in the vagina is the name given to the process. It is also known by various names such as vaginal contraction, vaginal contraction, vaginal correction surgery.

Why is Vaginoplasty Need it?

Vaginal enlargement can cause sexual problems for both the woman and her partner. Because of an enlarged vagina, men and women may not get enough sexual pleasure. Also, the width of the vagina during intercourse can cause sounds to cause discomfort to couples. In this case, the woman may experience a loss of self-confidence.

Sometimes, due to the laxity of the muscles in the vagina, incontinence and sagging down the organs (urinary bladder, large intestine) may also occur.

Who is Vaginoplasty?

  • Women with enlarged vagina due to one or more normal births
  • Women having problems with their partner during vaginal sex due to vaginal enlargement
  • Ladies whose have air sounds in their vagina with enlargement during sexual intercourse

Why Vaginoplasty?

  • To eliminate sexual negativity
  • Elimination of sounds that occur during sexual intercourse
  • Repair of bladder and bowel sagging
  • Repairing birthmarks, correcting painful sexual intercourse
  • Correction of traces of vagina operations
  • Increased self-confidence of women

Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vaginoplasty – aesthetics of narrowing the vagina; It is the process of folding stitches around the enlarged vaginal muscles by removing the triangular tissue from the mucosa in the posterior wall of the vagina under general anaesthesia for approximately one hour, and reintroducing the mucosa with the molten sutures. You will be discharged from the hospital on the same day. In the postoperative period, soft pads are put into your underwear, it does not require any bandage.

What Happens After Vaginoplasty?

  • Operation time can vary between 30-60 minutes.
  • The patient can return to normal daily activity within 1-2 days after surgery.
  • The patient can take a standing shower at least 6-8 hours after the operation.
  • Since the stitches used will melt automatically in the body, there is no need to take stitches. Also, since the incision site will remain in the vagina, there will be no visible marks on the body.
  • Do not enter the pool, sauna or sea for 4-6 weeks after the operation.
  • Sexual intercourse is objectionable for 4-6 weeks. Your doctor will release it if you do not see any problems in your post-operative control.

Can She Give Birth Normally After Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty does not interfere with normal delivery; however, normal birth will cause relaxation in the vagina. Therefore, vaginoplasty can be postponed until after birth if the baby is desired.


The part of the female genital organ, called the inner lip (labium minus), is normally not visible from the outside. However, if there are sagging and growth in this part, bikini, swimsuit and tight clothing will cause swelling in this area. Naturally, especially young girls are very uncomfortable. It is called a labioplasty.

Magnitude and Sagging of İnternal Genital Lips

  • It may be a purely genetic condition. Mostly. Accident, trauma, birth tears can also be seen as a result.
  • It is more common in weak people. Because the vulva outer lips are not very fuller in weak people. Therefore, the inner lips appear more prominent and may force the woman to undergo labioplasty.
  • In women who lose a significant amount of weight, sagging may occur in the genital area as everywhere. Our skin for overweight is flexible and grows as a surface due to the expansion of oils. Over time, this may result in reduced skin elasticity. When you lose weight, the skin that has lost its flexibility becomes wrinkled and flaccid.
  • Muscle weakening in the genital area may also be a factor in women with a normal birth count. Also, traumas and incisions created in this region during labour may disrupt the structure of the small lip.

Who Can Have Labioplasty?

  • Having medical or visual problems related to Labium,
  • Single or married,
  • Women who have given birth or not have had this operation.

Women have no obstacles or harm to getting pregnant and giving birth in their life after aesthetics.

Causes of Large Lips

  • Birth-related reasons: having multiple births, having large babies, having vaginal births.
  • Genetic reasons: some women may be born with congenital internal lip size or asymmetry.
  • The poor genetic quality of connective tissue may also cause sagging of the inner lips.
  • Irritation: continuous vaginal infection (vaginitis), intense aerogens (bad contact with a pet, perfume, cologne, shampoo, soap) substances, HPV infections.
  • Excessive excitation
  • Ageing and menopause

Labioplasty Surgery

Although labioplasty surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia may be preferred at the patient’s request. However, with local anaesthesia, complications that may occur are minimized. The operation time varies between 30-45 minutes. The lips, which are large and flaccid with the process, are reshaped by shrinking as much as possible until a normal appearance is achieved.

The excess unwanted tissue can be cut with a scalpel or laser operation can be preferred. However, the patient may experience loss of sensation during sexual intercourse in the vagina after laser applications. Therefore, if a labioplasty surgery is to be performed with a laser application, it is necessary to choose an aesthetic surgeon who is fully specialized in the field of vaginal aesthetics.

The patient does not have to have the sutures removed at a later stage as the self-melting sutures are placed on the inner lips during surgery. When the operation is completed, no dressing is applied to the area. Inner lips treated with special antibiotic pomades are cleaned. When the large inner lips are reduced with surgery, the lips also have symmetry. Sometimes, only the asymmetric image of the inner lips can be removed with labioplasty.

What Are the Risks of Vaginal Contraction?

Infection, bleeding, pain and some rare complications.

Labioplasty Surgery Healing Process

Although it is a short-term operation, as with any surgical intervention, it has a certain healing process. In the recovery process, which can vary from a few weeks to a few months, patients who undergo surgery must follow the doctor’s recommendations exactly and follow themselves.

It is known that after a labioplasty operation, the person can resume normal life in about 1 week. This process may be faster or slower than your own.

Considerations After Labioplasty Surgery

  • Care must be taken about hygiene. After the toilet needs, the surgical area should be kept dry.
  • Avoid humid averages such as sea, pool, bathtub and jacuzzi for at least 4 weeks.
  • Opening stretching movements that affect the genital area such as yoga, pilates and gymnastics should not be applied for at least 4 weeks.
  • Riding a bike, horse or bike is another activity that should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.
  • Epilating and laser application should not be applied to the surgical area for at least 4 weeks postoperatively.

Body Contouring

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