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Patau syndrome

Patau Syndrome

Patau syndrome is a condition known as Trisomy syndrome. The incidence of this syndrome, which is a very serious problem, is very low. But since it is a very serious disorder, it causes great problems in people when it occurs.

According to studies and statistics, patau syndrome occurs in one of every 10,000 people. This condition, which is so rare, is usually seen soon after birth and persists throughout the person’s life. Since this syndrome directly affects infants, the life span and chromosome numbers of infants progress abnormally, and accordingly, their life span is shortened.

Some treatments for these people, who live much shorter than normal people, may be of little benefit. If there is such a situation in the family, patau syndrome is seen in other members of the family.

Because this disorder is directly related to genes. This is why it is passed from person to person in the family. People with Patau syndrome have different findings than other people. So much so that physical differences can occur in these people.


  • People with Patau syndrome have physical differences from birth. So much so that there are differences in the skull and jaw structure of babies. Since these regions are much different from normal people, it can be understood that the person is uncomfortable when viewed from the outside.
  • Apart from this, one of the most distinctive features is the brain and facial structure. Due to the deterioration of the development of the structures in the front of the brain, the person will also experience psychological discomfort. This will negatively affect the person’s behavior towards other people around him.
  • The digestive systems of these people are very disordered. Therefore, they experience digestive problems throughout their lives. As a result, symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, excess weight, and extreme weakness will occur and cause these symptoms to be seen in the person with patau syndrome.
  • Along with the digestive system, the heart work of these people is also impaired. Especially serious problems in heart rhythms can even affect a person’s life.

 Treatment and Diagnosis

Since this disease is an extremely rare disease, it is difficult to diagnose. However, thanks to many tests and researches, especially in large hospitals, the detection of this disease has been facilitated. Of course, the past life of the physician and the mother is very important in facilitating the diagnosis.

In such cases, if there is any similar disease in the mother’s history, the diagnosis is made more easily and clearly. There is no clear cure for Patau syndrome. This discomfort, which cannot be completely eliminated, can only be postponed with medications.


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