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muscle tear

What is Muscle Tear?

Muscles made up of fibers are found throughout the skeletal system and enable movement. The rupture of fibers as a result of excessive strain on the muscles due to some factors is called muscle tear. Bleeding may occur in the fibers as a result of ruptures.

Tears in the muscle do not cause any restriction of movement. However, severe pain and swelling occur in the damaged area. Although the broken fibers cause damage to the muscles, the healing process is fast since the muscle tissues are an area with abundant blood supply.

Muscle tear, also known as muscle pull, is commonly seen in athletes. Besides the; It can also occur due to situations such as falls, traumas, accidents, heavy lifting or muscle strain.

In people who exercise regularly, prolonging this period can lead to muscle tearing. In order to prevent this situation, muscles should be warmed up by doing stretching and stretching movements before exercise.

What Causes Muscle Tear?

There are many factors in the emergence of these conditions, which are known as fiber rupture or muscle pulling among the people.

In general, it is seen that these cases occur more frequently in people who actively do sports.

In addition to heavy lifting, being too tired, there is a possibility of encountering these cases in times such as accidents and possible trams.

Especially in athletes or people who exercise at home, muscle rupture may occur when extra different attempts are made as well as the routine movements made every day.

Tears usually occur in sports activities that require intense effort, such as volleyball, football, weightlifting, swimming or tennis.

Muscle tears are not vital. For this reason, it is perceived by many as a minor event and is often neglected.

One of the reasons for the formation of muscle tears is that people start sports activities without warming up enough.

According to the information given by experts, when the muscles are cold, they are more susceptible to situations such as tearing or injury.

For this reason, you can start with warm-up movements before doing sports activities and switch to your main sports movements after warming up enough.

What Are the Symptoms of Muscle Tear?

Muscle tear symptoms can be seen in almost the same way in every person. Depending on the degree of rupture alone, some symptoms may be felt more.

 The most common signs of muscle tear can be listed as follows:

  • Pain occurs in the torn muscle. Pain may be exacerbated by activities that force the muscle.
  • Swelling and bruising can be seen where the muscle tear is.
  • Muscle strength decreases. Even in severe ruptures, loss of muscle function may occur.
  • There may be dents or similar deformations in the torn area.

All of these symptoms indicate fiber breakage. Most people do not care about these ruptures as they are not life-threatening. However, advanced tears may cause loss of function. Failure to use this muscle leads to deterioration in quality of life. Therefore, it should be treated with consideration.

Classification of Muscle Tears by Grades

Some grades have been established for muscle tearing. According to these degrees, doctors can diagnose more easily. At the same time, they can more easily determine the method to be preferred in the treatment according to the degrees.

Muscle tears are generally divided into two different groups. The first of these groups is defined as overstretching. The second is referred to as a very severe stretching of the muscles.

According to their degree, muscle and fiber injuries can be listed as follows;

  • First Degree

It is mild and occurs when a few muscles or fibers are damaged. When there are primary injuries, the muscles and fibers can fulfill their duties. The degree of pain in the area is also quite mild.

  • Second Degree

It occurs with damage to more muscles and fibers than the first degree. The rate of aches and pains is also higher than the first degree. However, bruising or swelling is also observed in the area.

  • Third Degree

It is formed by the complete rupture of muscles and fibers. A rupture occurs when muscles and fibers are intensely stretched. There is also the possibility of hearing an explosion-like sound from the body during breaking. In third-degree injuries, muscles and fibers cannot perform their functions. It is also seen in cases such as swelling and skin discoloration, as well as severe pain.

How is Muscle Tear Diagnosed?

People who have any doubts about experiencing muscle rupture should definitely see a specialist doctor for a definitive diagnosis.

In the diagnostic process, first of all, a doctor’s examination is required. First, the patient’s history is listened to. The place where the damage is thought to have occurred is then palpated. Examination methods may vary according to the style of physicians.

After the examination, some examinations are made and the diagnosis of injury is made definitively. Desired examinations can be ultrasound, MRI, x-ray or different types of films.

The examinations to be requested are decided by the doctors. As a result of the results, the degree of injury is determined. Then the details about the treatment period begin.

How Is Muscle Tear Treated?

Muscle tear treatment is applied in similar ways in many patients. Exercise and sports activities are interrupted as it will strain the muscle in first and second degree tears. It is important to apply ice to this area quickly.

During the process of tearing, the application is made at 2-3 hour intervals. Ice application accelerates healing by preventing swelling of the damaged area.

Compressing the muscle by wrapping it with a bandage after injury is also an application that helps the treatment.

This application also prevents swelling. While resting, the torn area should be kept above the level of the heart.

For pain, pain relievers suitable for the disease are prescribed by the doctor. A third degree tear requires regular physical therapy. Depending on the severity of the tear, surgery may be required.

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