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Nose Filling

What is Nose Filling? ( Liquid Rhinoplasty )

Nose Filling: Non-surgical facial rejuvenation used in aesthetic hyaluronic acid fillers , can also be applied in the nose area in a safe manner .

Some people who are afraid or hesitant from surgery. Filling application makes you feel psychological relief. If the result is as desired, surgery may be considered in the future .

For what purposes is Nose Filling performed?

  • Flatten the back of the nose
  • To remove curvatures in the nose
  • Lifting the tip of the nose
  • Correcting asymmetries in the nose

How Long Does It Take?

The process takes an average of 15-20 minutes. It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure. The total amount of filler applied varies between 0.5 ml and 2 ml.

How long is the permanent nose filling?

Although it varies depending on the filling material used, its average permanence is between 10 and 16 months.

Because the nose is a motionless organ; The effect of the application can be a little longer than the fillers applied to other areas.

 Will there be pain in Nose Filling application?

Anesthetic cream is applied to the application area before the procedure and it is waited for 20-30 minutes. It is ensured that the process is comfortable with cold application after the process.

What are the side effects of nasal filling application?

After the application; There may be temporary local swelling and redness. The important thing to know here is; When used in experienced hands and properly, the rate of complications is almost negligible.

What are the disadvantages of nasal filling application ?

  • Filling application is temporary, not stable.
  • Nose reduction is not possible.
  • Fillers are not suitable for every nose.

Who should Nose Filling be done?

Nose filling should definitely be done by doctors experienced in nasal anatomy and nasal aesthetics .

Otherwise, negative results may be encountered.

What is Nose Aesthetics ?

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