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What is Nose Aesthetics ?

Rhinoplasty , it is the name given to surgical operations to change the shape of the nose.

The general reasons for nasal aesthetics are as follows.

  • Correction of the fracture caused by Y- spacing ,
  • Birth in the resulting defect is on the correction ,
  • To ensure comfortable breathing,
  • Changing the personal appearance of the nose
  • Improving some breathing difficulties

What is Nose Structure?

The upper part of the nose consists of bone and the lower part of cartilage. D has a structure covered with melted. It is one of the most important of the 5 sense organs.

Before Nose Aesthetics

In rhinoplasty surgery , bone, cartilage tissue , skin layer or all three can be corrected . PR man lama while , doctors individuals of other features of the face, the nose and the skin will keep in mind that what you want to change the individual.

Personal planning is made for nasal surgery 

In the interview, the medical history of the individual is revealed. The most important question the doctor will ask is about the individual’s motivation and wishes for surgery .

The doctor examines the patient. He will then gather information about nasal congestion, past surgeries and medications used. If there is a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia , surgery may not be possible.

In this process, the doctor all the blood tests of the will. In addition, the doctor prepares the shape for the nose by looking at the Golden Ratio on the patient’s face.

Physical examination is also important to determine the effect of rhinoplasty on breathing.  

Photographs of the nose are taken. These photos are edited by the doctor in computer environment. As a result of the arrangement, the shape of a product planned to be made to the patient is determined. The doctor also evaluates these photos for before and after. It can be used during a melting .

Preparations Before Nose Aesthetics

We should stop using some medications two weeks before the operation . Only medications approved by the doctor should be used.

In addition, herbal medicines and supplements should be avoided. It is necessary to stop smoking or take a break. Smoking slows down the postoperative recovery process . It increases the possibility of getting infection.

What Happens During Nose Surgery

During general anesthesia, the drug, that is, the anesthetic , is taken by inhalation or intravenously . General anesthesia affects the whole body . A breathing tube is also required for general anesthesia .

In rhinoplasty surgery, it can be done inside the nose . V ee nose through a small incision in the outer between just below the nostrils would be . The bone and cartilage under the skin will be readjusted by the doctor according to the targeted results.

The wall  between the two holes of the nose is called the septum . If it is bent or twisted, this can be corrected by the doctor to correct breathing.

However, this operation is different from rhinoplasty . It is called Septoplasty .

The doctor can use cartilage taken from deeper points of the nose or ear. Larger changes may use implants or rib cartilage.

With the completion of these changes, the doctor places the skin and tissue of the nose back and stitches the incisions made.

After Nose Surgery

Generally, internal dressings remain in place for 4 to 7 days after surgery. The surgeon may also tape a splint to the nose for protection and support .

This usually stays in place for about a week. After rhinoplasty , it is necessary to rest in bed in a position where the head is higher than the chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. The nose may become blocked due to swelling or splints placed during surgery .  


In order to minimize the possibility of bleeding and swelling, the surgeon will want to take various precautions until a few weeks after surgery.

Precautions To Be Taken  After Nose Surgery 

  • Avoiding strenuous activities such as fitness and jogging,
  • Blowing your nose
  • Not being constipated
  • Eating foods high in fiber,
  • Not laughing too much
  • Carefully brushing the teeth,
  • Wearing buttoned clothes such as shirts,


In addition, glasses should not rest on the nose for at least 1 month after surgery . 30-factor sunscreen should be used outside, especially on the nose. Too much sun during this period may cause permanent discoloration of the nasal skin.

A temporary swelling or black-blue discoloration of the eyelids may occur for two to three weeks following rhinoplasty . It may take longer for the swelling of the nose to go down.

Stay away from sodium in the diet , the swelling will help faster stroke. Objects such as ice or ice packs should not be placed in the nose after the operation. It would be best to take 2 weeks off from the workplace, school or similar obligations after the surgery .

Nose Aesthetics Results

Rhinoplasty is not a simple but a challenging operation. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the nose is a three-dimensional and complex shape located in the middle of the face.

Although the changes made during rhinoplasty are very small, these changes can make a big difference in the appearance and functioning of the nose. Since these changes are small, the margin of error is high. It should not be forgotten that after the operation, the nose changes throughout life, just like the rest of the body. The final desired result is reached between 6 months and 1 year.

What is the Cost of Nose Aesthetics?

One of the most important factors affecting the price of rhinoplasty is how experienced the doctor is. Pricing also includes items such as hospital selection, materials used and team expenses.

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