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Chin Filler – Jawline

What are The Most Common Deformities in The Chin?

It can be said that volume deficiencies, jaw size or smallness, jawline line uncertainty, asymmetric.

The patient may complain of weak jaw, large chin or neck skin that hangs and wrinkles in the under-chin area called jowl.

Among the milder complaints, the jawline line is ambiguous.

A strong chin shape and line symbolizes youth, vitality and attractiveness. A good jawbone structure can only be seen thanks to a layered or non-oily skin structure.

Why is Jaw Filling Done?

Filler injections are aesthetic surgery methods that are generally used to fill skin wrinkles or pits in the face area. It is also applied to fill the volume deficiencies on the face by filling it.

When injected under the skin, filler injection raises this area, making it fuller. The effect of filler injection disappears within a certain period of time.

Increased chin projection with injection of fillers can create a more ‘V’ shaped face shape. This can make the proportions of the chin compatible with other features of the face and increase the overall aesthetics of the face.

 How is Jaw Filling Done?

Injection techniques are used in jaw filling. Special fillings are used to correct the hollow appearance on the chin, to shape and configure the lower face.

Anesthesia is not required for jaw filling. However, if requested by the patient, your skin can be numbed with local anesthesia. In the jaw filling, the filling material is injected under the skin through small needles. Jaw filling session lasts about 15 – 45 minutes.

With a correct treatment plan, a clear chin line can be provided, your structural features can be sharply sharpened, the contours of your face and chin can be significantly improved.

What are The Advantages of The Chin Filler?

Hereditary, that is, familial features have a significant effect on aesthetic features. Surgery, filling and special liposuction techniques can be used to correct aesthetic defects in the jaw.

There is no single technique to increase the jaw line for all patients. It also varies as surgical and non-surgical techniques.

While surgical techniques offer permanent solutions, surgery requires anesthesia and recovery time. Non-surgical techniques, namely filling and liposuction techniques, are preferred for those who offer fast and practical solutions, do not require recovery time, especially those who have fear of surgery and do not have enough time for recovery time.

It is recommended to all patients, if the trial is done with the filling method and if it is liked, then the operation with the surgical method after 6 months.

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