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Things To Do For Dental Health

Regular care is a must in order to avoid toothache, which is one of the biggest fears of people. So what are the things you need to do for dental health ? According to experts, brushing teeth 3 times a day is unnecessary and harmful for tooth enamel. The best time for this is to brush your teeth after breakfast and before going to sleep in the evening.


Learn to Brush Your Teeth

According to a study, 81% of people do not know how to brush their teeth and even if they brush their teeth regularly, they cannot find any benefit. Most people brush right and left while brushing. This brushing style is wrong and the teeth should be brushed in a round shape, up and down at the same time. The purpose of brushing teeth is to remove food residues between teeth that cause tooth decay. While brushing your teeth, more attention should be paid to the teeth on the back. Proper brushing at normal speed takes 3.5 minutes on average. Take your time when brushing and deal with all teeth one by one.


Carbonated and Sugary Drinks, The Worst Enemy of Teeth

Carbonated and sugary drinks (sugary foods) are very harmful to teeth. If you’ve had a carbonated drink outside and you don’t have the opportunity to brush your teeth . Immediately rinse a sip of water in your mouth and swallow it (repeat this 3 times in a row). Or go to the sink, rinse your mouth with plenty of water and spit. In this way, you can reduce the damage of sugary and carbonated beverage to teeth by up to 60%. Consuming too much sugar causes the sugar to stick to the teeth. If it is not brushed immediately, the sugar that begins to melt in the tooth enamel will cause the teeth to decay.


Water Consumption and Use of Toothpicks

The biggest friend of the tooth is to drink plenty of water. By drinking plenty of water, you can reduce the effects of food residues that damage teeth and keep teeth clean. According to experts, at least 15 glasses of water should be drunk a day. In addition, water also removes bad breath. Toothpick is one of the enemies of the tooth. Using too much toothpicks causes the teeth to open up. As the teeth are opened, it begins to deteriorate in appearance and causes the other teeth to slip. At the same time, there will be sensitivity in the teeth that are opened between them. Teeth that are sensitive to cold and heat will bring big problems over time. A toothbrush should always be used instead of a toothpick. If a toothbrush does not solve the problem, dental floss can be used.


Vitamin A is Tooth’s Biggest Friend

To keep dental health at the highest level, you should always pay attention to vitamin A. People who take vitamin A have a higher dental health than other people. Vitamin A is mostly found in spinach, cauliflower and turnip juice. In animal foods, it is found in fish oil, liver and kidney. Vegetable foods are found in melon, red pepper, carrot, potato and watermelon.


Additional Things to Do for Teeth

You should always use the best quality toothpaste and toothbrush. Avoid natural methods to whiten teeth. Because these methods bleach the teeth while also weakening the tooth enamel. The tooth whose enamel is weakened will be doomed to decay in a short time. Remember to rinse your mouth with mouthwash every morning while washing your hands and face. Do not forget to clean your mouth well with clear water after rinsing. While eating, chew the bites small and don’t forget to use both sides. Do not chew on one side and avoid large bites. The back of special toothbrushes is serrated. This is because it is for tongue cleaning. Pay attention to tongue cleaning, or no matter how clean your teeth are, your tongue will infect your teeth with bacteria.

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