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Tooth Stone

What is Tooth Stone?

It is the combination of the minerals in dental plaque and saliva and turning into a stone-hard structure over time. It occurs below the line where the tooth surface meets the gum. Dental plaque, which contains food residues and microorganisms, should be cleaned regularly. Toothbrush, floss and mouthwashes help to remove dental plaque. When this plaque is not removed, it can become a stone (tartar). Tartar can occur especially in people who do not pay attention to oral hygiene. It can also be seen in people who do not brush properly and do not clean the gingival border.

What Causes Tooth Stone?

The minerals in your saliva accumulate on the tooth surface along with the nutrients that enter the mouth. There is plaque accumulation that gives a sticky feeling to the teeth. If dental plaque is not removed with regular oral hygiene, it can begin to harden. As the amount of hardening increases, tooth stone formation may occur. It is usually yellow in appearance. The color of the teeth may darken due to the food and drinks accumulated on the tartar.

Should Dental Tooth Stone Be Treated?

Depending on the amount of tooth stone and the damage it causes to the surrounding tissues, it may be necessary to clean the tooth stone. Dental tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. Cleaning can be done by doctors and with special tools.

Dental tooth stone can be cleaned one by one with hook-shaped hand tools called scales used by dentists and periodontology specialists. In addition, a faster tooth cleaning can be done with devices that work with vibration and water.

If dental tartar is not cleaned, it continues to accumulate. It can lead to adverse conditions such as gum recession, loosening of the teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis (advanced gingivitis), tooth loss. It can also completely cover the tooth surface. Bad breath can disrupt oral hygiene by increasing the accumulation of bacteria.

Dental tartar is initially white or cream colored. However, as it continues to accumulate under the gums, it may change in color from brown to black.

Due to the dark appearance of the gums and tooth edges, the aesthetic appearance of the teeth may be adversely affected. In addition, teeth that accumulate tartar can be difficult to clean. Food residues can cling to the rough surface of dental tartar, making it difficult to remove with a brush.

How To Prevent Tartar Formation?

It may not always be possible to prevent the formation of tartar. Due to the structure and amount of minerals in the saliva of some people, tartar formation may be inevitable. But there are some tips to reduce the buildup. First of all, it may be necessary to eliminate the factors that cause dental plaque.

The points to be considered in order to prevent the formation of dental tooth stone are as follows:

  • Brushing teeth for two minutes twice a day,
  • Using a toothbrush of the right size and hardness,
  • Making use of electric toothbrushes and mouthwashes,
  • Using regular dental floss to clean the plaque accumulated between the teeth,
  • Using fluoride toothpastes that help repair tooth enamel,
  • Avoiding sugary and acidic foods as much as possible,
  • Brushing the teeth after meals, if not possible, rinsing the mouth with water,
  • Avoiding the use of cigarettes and tobacco products,
  • To make regular dental visits.

How To Clean Tooth Stone?

Teeth cleaning is a procedure that should be performed by dentists in dental clinics. No anesthesia is required as it is not a painful and painful procedure. However, people with swelling, redness and pain in their gums may feel sensitivity due to water and vibration from the devices used during this procedure. In such cases, the areas where pain is felt may need to be anesthetized. With the help of special tools, stones can be removed from the tooth surface in a short time. In people with a lot of tartar accumulation, this application may take several sessions.

Is Cleaning Teeth Harmful?

Teeth cleaning is not a harmful procedure. It is a useful procedure for oral health when deemed necessary. Hand tools and ultrasonic devices used in tooth cleaning do not harm the teeth as they destroy the tartar without scratching the tooth enamel. You will not encounter any negative situations when it is applied in the clinical environment by dentists who are experts in their fields.

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