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What is Periodontitis?

This is  an inflammatory disease that causes damage to the root part of the tooth, the bone surrounding the tooth root and the connective tissue between these 2 tissues.

We can say that very advanced Gingivitist disease. When it reached a level that would disturb more patients, the disease continued its existence for a long time and unfortunately caused advanced injuries.

If the disease is advanced, abscess formation can be seen in the gingiva. Patients mostly consider this situation as an inflammatory condition caused by the tooth, and go to the dentist with pain.

There are 2 types of periodontitis. These; It is chronic periodontitis and aggressive periodontitis .



This is  the  most common type of periodontitis. It usually appears at the age of 35 and over. It progresses very slowly, the symptoms are late and barely noticeable .

For this reason, sometimes it may be late in treatment. Respectively, the gingiva, the fibers that connect the gum to the tooth and the tooth root to the tooth bone and the tooth bone melt and the pocket is formed.

It causes a decrease in bone support of the tooth.Symptoms can be listed as dark red, purplish gum color, gingival recession / enlargement, tooth spacing, elongation, rotation, shaking, dysfunction, filling of food residues between the teeth and into the pockets, abscess formation, bad breath, aesthetic disorder.

While initial and moderate chronic periodontitis is treated with non-surgical methods, advanced chronic periodontitis is treated with additional surgical methods.


It is a less common but more severe type of periodontitis that affects young people. This condition can also be hereditary. Individuals are systemically healthy. There are 2 types, local and common. In the local type, the clinical signs associated with the gums are few, but the depth of the pocket and bone destruction is advanced. In the common type, both clinical symptoms are noticeable and bone loss has affected more teeth. Treatment is more difficult and complex than chronic periodontitis.

What is Orthodontics?

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