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Nasal Congestion

What is Nasal Congestion?

Edema in the blood vessels or membranes (outside parts) of the airways in the nose causes a feeling of congestion.

Simple blockages usually go away on their own in a short time. However, it is recommended to be conscious as some nasal obstructions may continue for a long time (chronic).

Nasal obstructions, which are generally thought to be very simple and not considered very important among the people, can cause many problematic processes and results.

Nasal congestion, which disrupts the quality of life and causes serious negativities, can occur in both children and adults due to flu infections, seasonal changes or structural problems.

If blockages due to allergies are not treated, it can pave the way for respiratory diseases such as allergic asthma.

What are the Causes of Nasal Congestion?

The causes of nasal congestion can be caused by a factor that irritates or destroys the nasal tissues. Colds, flu or sinusitis-like infections, allergies are common causes of runny nose and congestion.

What Are the Symptoms of Nasal Congestion?

The person who cannot breathe through the nose uses his mouth for breathing. Sleeping with your mouth open at night, snoring attacks are observed. As a result of poor quality sleep, constant tiredness and weakness are normal.

Throat infections may occur due to dry mouth and air that cannot be filtered through the nose. Nasal congestion and runny nose are often accompanied by dryness and itching in the nose and sneezing symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Nasal Congestion in Children?

Infants and young children are not yet old enough to express the symptoms that occur during various ailments. Therefore, parents can have an idea about whether their children have nasal congestion by following various symptoms:

  • Anorexia
  • Difficulty In Feeding
  • Restlessness
  • Cough With Phlegm
  • Difficulty In Breathing
  • Frequent Waking From Sleep
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep

How Is Nasal Congestion Treated?

Since the treatment of nasal congestion develops depending on the cause of the obstruction, it is necessary to conduct the process with an otolaryngologist and reveal the causes. After identifying the causes, applying the optimum treatment plan comes into play.

The cause can be tried to be understood with the endoscopy method. Nasal congestion that develops due to hay fever, enlargement of the concha (enlargement of the concha) or enlargement of the adenoids (adenoid enlargement) can be drawn with drugs and nasal sprays.

In cases where drugs such as curvature of the nose remain unresolved, nasal obstruction surgery can be used to open the blockage. Of course, it is preferable to apply this method when the patient’s life is very negatively affected.

The surgical method can be a great savior for people who constantly show signs of mouth breathing and snoring. After the operation, the patient can immediately return to his daily life, meet his needs and provide comfortable breathing. Another method is to use radiofrequency surgery possibilities to solve the obstruction and to create the necessary environment for the patient to lead a better quality of life.

Nasal Congestion in Babies and Children

Babies and children prefer nasal breathing. If they develop a problem such as a blocked nose, they are forced to breathe through their mouths and the auxiliary respiratory muscles that come into play from mouth breathing may cause postural disorders in babies.

Some babies may not know or be able to breathe through their mouths and you may face very serious breathing difficulties. In such a case, it is important to contact your doctor immediately.

The most common causes of nasal obstruction in infants and children are adenoids or a developmental anomaly in the nose. In some cases, the problem may need to be removed with surgery.

Allergic Nasal Congestion

Especially in spring and autumn, increased pollen can cause nasal congestion and runny nose complaints. Symptoms that increase mostly in the morning and in the spring and autumn periods indicate hay fever (allergic rhinitis).

Physicians may prescribe oral tablets or nasal sprays for the treatment of nasal discharge due to allergies. However, such drugs must be administered under the supervision of a physician and as recommended.

The most effective and beautiful way to get rid of allergy symptoms will be to eliminate the problem that causes it.

So if you are allergic to pollen:

  • Keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible during the pollen seasons.
  • Use air conditioners in your home, in your car, whose filters you change regularly.
  • Prefer to stay at home as much as possible on a dry and windy day.
  • Take care to use a dust mask when cleaning your house and garden.
  • Have the damp areas in the house repaired and maintained.
  • Choose allergy-resistant products for your bed linens.

What Is Good For Nasal Congestion?

You can reduce or relieve nasal congestion with home remedies.

  • Consuming herbal teas such as ginger, mint, cinnamon, turmeric can be a support factor in reducing or eliminating congestion.
  • Smoking or passive smoking is a factor that triggers nasal congestion. Therefore, if we want to prevent nasal congestion, we should take care not to be in smoking environments.
  • Physiological saline (salt water) is perfect for clearing nasal congestion. You can swim in the sea or you can prepare your own salt water by putting 1 teaspoon of table salt in 1 glass of warm water at home and sniff it.
  • Drinking plenty of water is necessary to keep the nasal mucosa moist.
  • As the air dries in air-conditioned or heated environments, nasal dryness and consequent congestion may occur. You can solve this problem by having a steam machine or boiling water in the room.

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