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What is Laminate Veneer ?

Laminate veneer is an aesthetic application consisting of composite or porcelain, with a thickness of approximately 0.3 – 0.6 mm, which is adhered like nails on the front teeth, has a natural tooth appearance, light transmittance.

It is applied to aesthetically improve the size, shape, length and color of the teeth. The biggest advantage is that aesthetically great results are obtained, while removing tissue from the front area of ​​the teeth only ensures minimal wear on the teeth.

When is Laminate Veneer preferred?

  • In colorations that cannot be corrected by whitening (root canal treatment, excess fluoride causes discoloring of the tooth)
  • Diastematal (space between two teeth) teeth
  • Wear in teeth with advancing age
  • Teeth with disfigured teeth
  • Post-traumatic enamel, enamel-dentin fractures
  • Teeth that are not lined up properly,


What are the differences in porcelain and composite Laminate veneer applications?

Composite laminate veneer applications are applied in the clinic by the dentist, without the need for a technician. Generally, treatment is completed in one session. Porcelain laminate, also known as leaf porcelain, is prepared by the technician under the direction of the veneer dentist. After approximately 1 week, the leaf porcelain is adhered to the patient’s teeth. During this period, the patient continues his life using a temporary prosthesis. Porcelain is stronger and lasts longer than composite material. The light transmittance feature of porcelain and its resistance to stain formation provides an aesthetically advantageous advantage. The composite applications are easily and quickly repaired.

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