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What is Jowl and Jowl Aesthetics?

What is Jowl ?

Before giving detailed information about the jowl aesthetic procedure, it is useful to explain what jowl is. The jowl is the part located at the bottom of the chin and at the beginning of the neck. The fat layer in the jowl area may sometimes increase or the skin on the jowl may loosen. In this way, the jowl takes on a much more prominent shape and this situation causes aesthetic concerns in many people.

There are many different causes of shape or image disorders in the jowl area. The loss of the flexible structure of the skin in the chin area causes fat accumulation in the jowl area as a result of the person’s chin and neck structure, weight gain and excessive fat accumulation. This spoils the view of the area.

What is Jowl Aesthetics?

Double chin aesthetics is a procedure whose main purpose is to correct deformities in the jowl area of ​​the face and décolleté. For this purpose, excess fat tissues in the jowl area are removed from the body using the liposuction technique.

If the sagging of the jowl is caused by the sagging of the skin on the neck, the skin in question is stretched during the operation and the neck area of ​​the person will have a more aesthetic appearance.

It is possible to compensate for various deformities, bruises, sagging or wrinkles in the face area by applying make-up. However, such methods do not work for sagging in the jowl area. Correction of the shape of the jowl area is only possible thanks to jowl aesthetics.

Why and How Does Jowl Sagging Occur?

Weight problems are observed in the vast majority of patients who have undergone an operation or treatment for sagging of the jowl.

On the other hand, in patients who do not have weight problems, sagging usually occurs due to aging or premature aging.

On the other hand, in cases where the patient smokes excessively, does not choose the right sleeping position, and is exposed to excessive sun rays, sagging of the jowl can occur very clearly.


30 and 50 years of age are of great importance for jowl sagging. In general, jowl sagging develops due to aging. At the age of 30, there is a period of progress. At the age of 50 and later, a significant sagging occurs in the tickle. As the body ages, the face is one of the most visually affected areas.

Aging of the face directly affects the muscles and skin structure. Collagen, which provides the elastic balance of the skin, is secreted much less with aging.

And this leads to deterioration of the elastic structure of the skin. In addition to the signs of aging, jowl sagging is among the most important indicators of collagen deficiency.


It is seen that sagging and excess weight are always in direct proportion. Excess weight causes damage to many structures in the body, but the situation is not much different from the inside. It is seen that due to obesity, the skin is also affected in structure and its elasticity decreases.

This situation directly paves the way for jowl sagging. In addition, it can be said that the tissues in the neck region are damaged due to excessive weight, especially in the neck area. As a result, the decrease in elasticity and the load on the tissues directly lead to the appearance of jowl sagging.

To smoke

Smoking not only damages many organs in the body, but also slows blood circulation. And it causes the skin not to be nourished enough.

In addition, smoking, which causes a serious decrease in vitamin A in the body, directly causes early signs of aging.

As a result of premature aging, skin sagging, especially wrinkles, manifests itself very clearly. For this reason, it is very natural for smokers to experience jowl sagging due to premature aging.

Exposure to the Sun

Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, most of the sun rays that have hit the earth recently are damaging to the skin. For this reason, it can cause skin damage.

The most common skin damage is loss of elasticity if a person is exposed to the sun in an excessively unprotected way.

For this reason, it is recommended that people stay away from excessive amounts of sun while being under the sun causes sagging.

Wrong Sleep Position

Gravity affects our body over the years and causes various sagging. If the person lies face down in his sleep, it can be easily said that he is affected by gravity.

For this reason, it is recommended that the person sleep on his back rather than face down. Lying face down is a condition that causes not only sagging of the tickle, but also sagging of the eyes.

Still Life

A sedentary life is among the biggest enemies of many structures in the body, especially the skin. Among the most important benefits of sedentary life, the fact that the muscles do not work adequately and therefore the bond between the skin and the muscles comes to the fore.

A person who leads a sedentary life will definitely encounter a jowl sagging condition because he does not exercise his muscles as he will constantly gain weight.

How is the Diagnosis of Jowl Prolapse?

Diagnosis and diagnosis of jowl sagging can be done very simply. A physical examination is sufficient for the diagnosis. If diagnosed in its early stages, dandruff can be treated without any operation.

Who Can Have a Jowl Aesthetic Surgery?

Those who have deformation in the jowl area can benefit from this operation. However, in order for the surgical intervention to be performed, the person must not have a health problem that prevents the surgery. At the same time, it may be inconvenient to perform surgery during pregnancy and postpartum breastfeeding period.

In order for the person to benefit from surgical intervention, he or she must not have a health problem related to blood clotting. Surgery is not recommended for those under the age of 18.

Those who are suitable for these conditions can easily benefit from the chin aesthetic operation. People who do not want to have surgery or who do not have due to some problems can get rid of jowl sagging with non-surgical jowl aesthetic procedures.

For Whom Is Jowl Aesthetics Performed?

People in their 20s can be applied jowl aesthetics. One of the most common reasons that push young people to have jowl surgery is lubrication.

In the elderly, chin aesthetics is applied mostly because the skin loses its elasticity. At the same time, sagging in the jowl may be more pronounced than normal in people with a small jaw structure.

It can be applied to people who have aesthetic concerns about the jowl area and do not have any health problems that may prevent the aesthetic operation.

In addition to chin aesthetics, a neck lift can also be applied to the elderly. Thus, the person has a younger appearance and feels better.

Jowl Aesthetics with Liposuction

Of course, chin aesthetics is also possible with liposuction, which is based on the procedure of removing fat from the jowl. Although patients lose weight with diet and exercise, they may not be able to get rid of the fat in the jowl area. In this case, the process, also called non-surgical jowl aesthetics, comes into play. We can say that the procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia.

It is a procedure that takes approximately 1 hour to remove the fat formed in the jowl area from the body with liposuction. Extremely thin cannulas are used during the procedure. Through these cannulas, the fat in the jowl area is reached from under the chin.

When the patient is overweight, it will be beneficial to lose weight before this procedure. Then, the remaining fat in the jowl area can be removed and thus a smoother jowl appearance can be obtained. This procedure is also very safe in terms of side effects.

How is the Jowl Stretching Surgery Performed?

Tickle lift surgery is performed through incisions made behind the ear. In this surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia or sedation, the sagging jowl appearance is cut and removed from the body.

The skin hanging from the remaining chin is stretched and sutured to the jaw line. After chin lift surgery, your chin looks flat, smooth and fit. Your neck line will come to the fore, your jaw line will be more prominent. You will notice that you look weaker and younger after chin lift surgery.

One week after the chin lift surgery, your surgery pain will end and your edema will decrease. You will be able to return to your daily life one week after the surgery.

Is Non-Surgical Jowl Aesthetics Possible?

It is possible to have a stretching effect on the chin without surgery. The most preferred methods for this are Ulthera and Thermage applications. These aesthetic applications, which do not leave any surgical scars and do not require a recovery period, provide you with a perfect profile by recovering your jowl.

Ulthera in Jowl Aesthetics

Ulthera aesthetics is preferred to create a lifting effect on the chin. The reason why the Ulthera method is so common is that it leaves no scars and produces effective results even in a single session.

In the Ulthera technique, it can focus under 4.5, 3 and 1.5 mm. Thus, it leaves thermal damage under the skin. After controlled damage, the subcutaneous tissue begins to repair itself. After the Ulthera method, your jowl looks younger, tighter and smoother.

Thermage in Jowl Aesthetics

Radiofrequency applications come to the fore in jowl treatment. Patients who do not want to have surgery prefer the Thermage method and get rid of the sagging appearance of the jowl.

Thermage application directly affects the lower layer of the skin. Focusing on the subcutaneous tissue, it heats the collagen fibers here. Thanks to the collagen tissue that emerges during the application, the body tends to tighten itself.

After the Thermage method, you will observe that the chin is tightened and the sagging is reduced. By having these methods done every 4 months, you can maintain the young and fresh appearance of your chin.

What Should Be Considered After Jowl Aesthetics?

  • After the chin aesthetic operation, the person must use the medicines prescribed by his doctor and sometimes the creams that are deemed necessary without neglecting it.
  • The person should follow the rules of hygiene and prevent excessive weight gain by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Local anesthesia is generally used in chin surgery.
  • People who have chin aesthetics under local anesthesia are discharged soon after the operation and do not need to stay in the hospital.
  • After the aesthetic procedure, the patient should not do things that will tire himself, should not lift heavy loads and should rest a lot.
  • People who use methods such as Vaser Lipo and laser lipolysis should wear a specially prepared corset after the operation.
  • Mild pains and discomforts that patients may experience disappear about 5 days after the procedure.
  • If the person feels mild to moderate pain, he can use various pain medications. People who have swelling or bruising in the jowl areas after the procedure can apply cold to the area or use any cream that is beneficial for bruising.
  • Serious side effects are very rare after the operation, but if the person feels intense pain, they should contact their doctor immediately.

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