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Hair Rotation

What is Hair Rotation (Pilonidal Sinus)?

Known as ingrown hairs or pilonidal sinus, the condition most often occurs in the coccyx and buttocks area. It is much more common in men than in women. In ingrown hairs, a hairball-like structure forms under the skin tissue of the person. These collected hairs are usually shed from areas such as the back, hair or nape. These hairs, which are poured from various parts of the person’s body, somehow begin to enter the skin through the pores. Over time, the hairs accumulating here cause pain and create a cyst-like structure in the area.

The hairs and hairs that come from the outside and enter the skin carve the skin layer and continue to move inwards. As a result of this situation, inflammation may begin in the person. People with ingrown hairs usually do not realize their problems before inflammation starts. However, after this stage, the person should definitely seek medical help. Because ingrown hair is not a disease that can go away on its own.

In addition, ingrown hair is a disease that can be easily treated as long as it is not delayed in its treatment. However, many people in our country neglect to apply to the hospital due to social pressure and shyness when they experience such ailments. He does not seek medical advice until the disease progresses to the final stages. This is one of the factors that complicates the treatment of ingrown hairs.

Who Gets Ingrown Hairs?

In general, ingrown hair is mostly seen in people between the ages of 15 and 40. When examined between genders, it is concluded that ingrown hair mostly occurs in men. According to the statistical data obtained, the probability of occurrence in men is 3 times more than in women. One of the biggest triggers of the disease is a sedentary lifestyle. Generally, people who spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer or at their workplaces are found to have ingrown hairs.

In Which Parts Of The Body Does Ingrown Hair Occur?

Hair loss occurs mostly in the hip region and coccyx. In addition, although rarely, ingrown hair may occur in areas such as the face, groin, between the fingers and armpits. In some people, ingrown hair may occur in the navel region.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the hair shedding from the chest and abdomen. On the other hand, ingrown hairs that occur between the fingers can often occur in people who constantly touch their hands (like a hairdresser).

What are The Symptoms Of Hair Rotation? How Does Hair Rotation Happen?

It is a disease that progresses without any symptoms in the initial stages. In a person with the onset of ingrown hair, the area where the disease spreads becomes sensitive over time. Currents may occur in the area. At the stage of the discharge, the person may still not feel any discomfort while sitting. However, there is usually a dampness in the underwear of the person due to the current. This discharge will continue as long as it is not treated.

After this stage, the discharge does not only leave wetness in the underwear of the person.

In addition, it begins to emit a bad smell. The reason for this is that the hairs collected in the area turn into an inflamed structure. The discharge comes out from the mouth of the sinus. Here it combines with microbe-bacteria. As a result, discharge and bad odor begin to appear in the area of ingrown hair. In some people, the discharge may become different and bloody. The discharge is followed by conditions such as itching, swelling, redness and pain while sitting in the anus area.

The size of the swelling in the area varies according to the amount of hair collected in the area where the ingrown hair is experienced. This situation does not improve on its own or with herbal methods. In the later stages, the person starts to feel pain while sitting. Over time, this pain felt while sitting becomes unbearable. The person suffers greatly even when sitting. Some people may even have difficulty walking due to the pain caused by the inflammation in the area. The person’s quality of life decreases drastically. He becomes incapable of even doing his daily work. This is the last stage of the disease.

What are The Risk Factors Of Hair Regrowth?

One of the two most important risk factors for ingrown hair is gender and the other is a sedentary lifestyle. Because it is known that ingrown hair is 3-4 times more common in men than in women. A sedentary lifestyle paves the way for ingrown hairs, just like many other health problems.

People who spend most of their time sedentary in front of the computer or on the couch usually do not sit upright. This is a situation that poses a risk for ingrown hairs. Because it has also been shown by experts that sitting upright reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

In addition, it can be said that ingrown hairs occur mostly in young people. As a matter of fact, the disease mostly occurs in people between the ages of 20 and 30.

Other risk factors that may cause the disease are:

  • Overweight and obesity.
  • Not cleaning one’s body as it should be, inadequate personal care and hygiene.
  • Having a dense hairy structure, especially on the back and hips of the body.
  • Cleaning the bristles with a razor.
  • Barber, dog sitter, hairdresser, sheep clipper and similar professions that are intertwined with hair.
  • Occupations that require sitting still for long periods of time.

What are Hair Rotation Diagnostic Methods?

Hair loss can be diagnosed quite easily with a physical examination by a specialist doctor. To diagnose ingrown hair, the doctor mainly examines and diagnoses the tenderness in the hip and coccyx area and the symptoms such as inflammation, swelling and discharge in this area.

What are The Treatment Methods For Ingrown Hair?

The most commonly used method in the treatment of ingrown hair is the surgical method. With the treatment, it is tried to ensure that the person returns to his daily life as soon as possible and does not feel pain after the procedure. Various antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor before the surgical intervention to be performed on the person. The reason for this is to destroy the infection in the area of the ingrown hair.

There are various methods for the non-surgical treatment of the disease. However, when these methods are applied, the recurrence rate of ingrown hairs is also high. Successful results are not always achieved. However, non-surgical methods may be preferred in the stages where the disease is not very advanced. The necessary painkillers and antibiotic treatment are prescribed by the doctor to the patients in this situation. Depending on the situation, a drug injection can be made by the doctor to the area with ingrown hair.

Hair Rotation Surgery

The most effective method in the treatment of ingrown hair is the surgical method. The surgical method to be applied varies according to the condition of the patient and the type of ingrown hair.

During the operation, a small incision is made in the area where the ingrown hair occurs in order not to leave a large surgical scar on the person’s body. The process is continued in this way. After the inflamed and hairy tissue is taken out, the opened area is cleaned by the doctor and the incision is closed by placing the necessary stitches.

Whichever surgical method is chosen, hair rotation surgery should be performed with great care and attention. In addition, the person may have difficulty moving for a while after hair transplant surgery. Continuous dressing of the area may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Rotation

Does Ingrown Hair Go Away On Its Own?

In some cases, ingrown hair can have a pimple-like appearance. The patient can try to pop it. However, since ingrown hair is a problem that occurs mainly under the skin, bursting the abscess does not eliminate the problem of ingrown hairs. It can even cause the infection to spread to other areas.

Does Ingrown Hair Recur?

Hair loss is a disease with a risk of recurrence. However, this risk is considerably reduced in successful surgeries. In order to reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs, the person should pay attention to personal hygiene and cleaning of the surgical area.

Showers should be taken frequently and the areas where hair can accumulate in the hip area should be washed thoroughly. People with a lot of hair on the back and hips can get rid of these hairs with the help of laser epilation. Thus, the possibility of getting ingrown hairs in the future is considerably reduced.

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