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Hair Root Inflammation

What is Hair Root Inflammation (Folliculitis)?

Hair Root Inflammation (Folliculitis); Briefly, it is the infection of the unit consisting of hair and sebaceous glands with various pathological factors. It can appear in the armpits, back, legs, chest, buttocks, or face.

Superficial and deep hair follicle inflammation can be seen. In superficial hair follicle inflammation, pink-red raised lesions appear as a small pimple around one or more hairs.

These lesions, which can be itchy, may open over time. It can be seen in both children and adults.
It can occur in any body area with hair. And it most often occurs on the scalp, back buttocks.

Superficial hair follicle inflammation may resolve spontaneously within a few days.
Deep hair follicle inflammation appears as a red, hard nodule. It is usually painful. And it often leaves scars.

It is treated using antibiotics and sometimes by draining the pus with a minor surgical procedure.

What are The Causes of Hair Root Inflammation?

  • Excessive sweating
  • Staying wet
  • Use of tight, tight or synthetic clothing
  • Diabetes
  • Behcet ‘s disease
  • Situations where immunity is weakened or suppressed
  • Unhygienic bath/pool and hammam/sauna conditions,
  • Some drugs used in chemotherapy

What are the Symptoms of Hair Root Inflammation?

It is seen as raised lesions, often 2-3 mm in diameter, with a pink-red color around the hair on the skin surface, yellow-white discharge can be seen in the middle. Mild pain, itching, or irritation may occur.

Does Hair Follicle Inflammation in The Genital Area Go Away on its Own?

Inflammation of hair follicles in the genital area may regress spontaneously. However, due to some features of this region, hair follicle inflammation may recur.

The genital area is richer in some flora elements. Carriage of some bacteria in the genital area increases. It is a more closed area than other body areas. In addition, razor blades used in epilation or waxing can facilitate the development of hair follicle inflammation.

What is Good For Armpit Hair Follicle Inflammation?

It is important to provide hygiene in armpit hair follicle inflammations.
Drying powders may be preferred when there is no active lesion.
Particular attention should be paid to the use of razor blades and wax used in epilation, especially in patients with frequent hair follicle inflammation.
Since shaving may cause the spread of the disease, disposable razors should be preferred as much as possible.
Laser epilation may be preferred in patients with hair follicle inflammation. In addition, especially in overweight patients, losing weight will be beneficial in reducing friction.

What Happens if The Hair Root is Not Treated?

If the inflammation of the hair follicle is neglected, the infection may deepen and turn into a deeper lesion such as a furuncle. If deep-seated lesions are not treated correctly, they can cause deeper and wider wounds, permanent discoloration and deformation.

Cleanliness comes first. If we pay attention to our body hygiene, take frequent baths and use disposable razors, we will be largely protected from hair follicle inflammation.

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