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What is Endoscopy ?

Endoscopy is a non-surgical method used today to diagnose many problems in the digestive system. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is used not only for diagnosis but also for treatment purposes. It is performed by a gastroenterologist. No incisions are made on the patient’s body.

As a result of this procedure, problems in the person’s stomach area, esophagus and duodenum can be examined in detail. In short, this method is a diagnosis and treatment method that is increasingly used day by day, especially with the development of technology. With this method, if necessary, even a biopsy can be performed from the patient.

How is Endoscopy Done?

An instrument called an endoscope is used to perform endoscopy. A small camera is attached to the tip of this device. With the help of this camera, the patient’s problems are tried to be diagnosed. The area where endoscopy is performed is directly reflected to the doctor through the endoscope camera. This method is very successful in diagnosing diseases in a person. In addition to monitoring the stomach and intestinal area, if a tumor formation is observed in the stomach, a biopsy can be taken from the person at the same time.

The endoscopy procedure has different names depending on the name of the organ examined. Endoscopy procedures in which the stomach and duodenum are examined are called gastroscopy. The endoscopy procedure performed to examine the condition of the large intestine is called colonoscopy. In some cases, the small intestine should be examined when necessary. This procedure is also called enteroscopy.


Is Endoscopy Painful?

In recent years, with the help of technology, endoscopy devices have improved and become thin and flexible, making swallowing and imaging easier. In this way, this procedure is performed extremely comfortably, without the patient feeling any discomfort or pain.


Is Endoscopy Difficult Without Sleeping?

With propofol anesthesia, endoscopy and colonoscopy can be easily performed simultaneously while anesthetized. Unless there is an extraordinary situation, endoscopy and colonoscopy are completed within half an hour. The patient wakes up within 5-10 minutes after the procedure.


What Should Be Done Before Undergoing Endoscopy?

During the preparation process before endoscopy, patients are generally asked to come to the procedure hungry. This fasting state lasts approximately 8-10 hours. In order to perform a detailed examination during the procedure, the stomach and intestines must be empty. Otherwise, the desired image cannot be obtained. The action taken will be in vain.


What Should Be Considered After Endoscopy?

Food should not be eaten immediately after the application. If possible, it should be waited for 1 to 2 hours. Heavy meals should not be eaten for a few days after the application. Complaints such as gas pain and flatulence may occur after the application. These complaints will go away on their own.


Who Cannot Have Endoscopy?

Endoscopy should not be performed on patients with severe heart failure. In addition, it is not performed on people with severe respiratory failure. If the patient has had an acute cardiac infarction, it should not be performed at that time.


At What Ages Are Endoscopy And Colonoscopy Performed In Children?

There is actually no age limit for endoscopy or colonscopy in children. Endoscopy can be performed on babies and children of all ages, starting from newborn.

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