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What is Dimple and Dimple Aesthetics?

What is Dimple?

Dimple is the name given to the light pits that occur on the cheek during laughing, which can be unilateral or bilateral, coinciding with the edge of the lip. Dimple is one of the important symbols of beauty in men and women. From past to present, people with dimples have been accepted as having extra physical beauty and evaluated in this way.

 What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Dimple Aesthetics is an aesthetic operation developed for people who do not have a congenital dimple-like appearance and give an aesthetic appearance to the face.

This operation, also known as dimpleplasty, is a surgical intervention applied to create a dimple appearance in the area desired by the person.

It is generally preferred by people who think that the dimple appearance on the skin creates a more attractive and sweet appearance.

It can be applied in many different tones according to the patient’s request. However, the common area of ​​use is the cheek.

What Causes Dimples on The Cheek?

A dimple on the cheek occurs when the muscle is pulled towards the mucosa or the absence of fat tissue in this area. In addition, congenital anomaly of the muscle called zigamaticus is one of the most common causes of dimple formation.

This physical beauty, which can exist from birth, can also be made later as a result of various processes. With dimple aesthetic surgery, you can have an appearance as if you have a congenital dimple.

Dimple aesthetic application is created by adapting the laughing muscle to the mucous membrane in the mouth, and sometimes by removing some muscle and fat tissue from this area if necessary.

Especially the interest in dimple has increased considerably in recent years. Although dimples are primarily on the cheeks in areas such as the chin and waist, almost everyone wants it.

However, since dimples are a congenital muscle disease, not everyone can have dimples without effort.

Is Bichectomy and Dimple Aesthetics The Same?

Although dimple surgery and bichectomy are performed from the same area, they are completely different procedures. Bichectomy operation is the removal of bichat adipose tissue from the inside of the cheek and obtaining a sunken line on the cheeks.

Thanks to this aesthetic, more prominent cheekbones and a more pronounced jawline line are created. In dimple aesthetics, the aim is to create light dimples, ie dimples, during laughing. It is not possible to create dimples in the cheek area with bichectomy operation.

Who Can Have Dimple Surgery?

The dimple aesthetic application can be applied to individuals over the age of 18 who desire dimples while smiling. Normally, there is no age limit. However, it is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 because it does not fit the face shape.

In addition, you should not have a health condition that prevents you from performing the procedure. The most important point that those who want to have dimples should pay attention to is the slimming process. If you are in a weight loss process, it would be better to postpone the operation.

Otherwise, when you lose weight, the location of the dimple may change and this may cause a bad appearance on the face. Apart from all these, this type of operation is not recommended for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Before Dimple Aesthetics and Operation Process

Plastic surgeries for dimples, first go to the doctor. And then, within the scope of the examination process, the process begins with the determination of how the dimples will form.

Before the dimple surgery, which manifests itself as a 30-minute operation, the examination process based on exactly which parts of the face and cheek will appear will reveal itself.

While surgically creating dimples, it is actually to cause tissue collapse by damaging the muscle that supports the tissue.

The new trend dimple aesthetic is created on the cheek in two ways.

These ;

  • Depending on the person’s request, distinctive dimples or cute dimples that appear only when laughing can be made. Dimple aesthetic surgery is performed with local anesthesia.
  • Dimple aesthetic surgery takes about an hour. The location of the dimples is determined during the interview between the patient and the surgeon.
  • With the incisions made inside the mouth, a part of the oral mucosa (wet skin inside) and cheek muscle is removed. And here weakness is created. The incision is then sutured.
  • After dimple aesthetics, some swelling may be seen in the area where the transplant was performed.
  • Such ailments will also disappear within a week. At the same time, the sewing threads will melt and your dimples will show when you laugh.
  • The point to be considered is that the person who has the surgery should consume soft foods on the day of surgery. It is also normal to feel pain for a few days.
  • If you use the antibiotics and painkillers given to you by your specialist doctor without interruption, these pains will not be a problem. Although dimple aesthetics are usually performed on the face and cheeks, it is also preferred on the buttocks and hips.

 Is There Any Harm in Having Dimple Aesthetics?

There is no known harm in dimple aesthetics. However, although it is a small-scale application, it is a surgical procedure.

For this reason, problems such as infection, which can be encountered in every surgical procedure, may also occur after dimple aesthetics.

If such problems arise, necessary precautions are taken as it is foreseen by the doctor. Antibiotics given by the doctor are used to avoid infection.

Apart from this, there is a risk that the dimple will be very deep or not occur at all after dimple surgery.

Due to the technique used during the operation, the desired image does not occur. Instead, a more pronounced pit-like appearance appears.

In this case, an artificial-looking dimple image is formed. In order to avoid such problems, dimple surgery should be performed by a specialist in the field and post-operative expectations should be communicated transparently.

Who is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?

Dimple Aesthetics can be applied to anyone who wants to achieve a dimple appearance on their face or any part of their body.

It is generally preferred by women for the cheek area. Due to the increasing interest in Dimple, it has also become popular with men. There is no harm in men with dimple aesthetics.

Will There Be a Return To The Past After Dimple Aesthetics?

One of the advantages of dimple aesthetics is that it is possible to return to the past in people who do not want dimples.

If the person does not like the dimples and thinks that they do not suit him, they can undergo a new operation.

What Should Those Who Want to Have Dimple Aesthetics Need to Know?

Dimples can be congenital in some people. It appears with facial expressions when laughing or talking and can create an aesthetic appearance.

The dimples in the cavities of the mimic muscles are created by an operation called dimple aesthetics in the field of aesthetics.

If you want to have dimples on your cheeks, chin and hips, you should consult a specialist. You should get information about the operation and the creation of dimples.

Despite everything, you should know that if you regret it after getting your dimples done and think it doesn’t suit you, you can go back on the decision you made.

However, in some cases, you may need a small touch to achieve a sympathetic and attractive appearance. You can plan this in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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