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Corona Virus


With Quarantine last 2 months

Different meanings were made all over the world. Some cuts described it as normal flu and thought it would overcome this disease mildly. Some states did not consider the virus too dangerous. They just thought.

Death reports from China showed that the whole world should take the situation seriously. Every country tried to take its measures. Flights were banned, schools were vacationed, curfews were introduced. We started to watch the results of this Pandemic, which is happening all over the world day by day, from televisions.

As we watched, we were scared and panicked. Panic has passed over time, but we have new habits. Like washing hands frequently, wearing masks, keeping distance, not going out unnecessarily, using public transportation less.

Many people died from various diseases such as AIDS and Malaria. But corona is very common among those with certain genetic diseases in general. For example, the person smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day and comments as “he died because of corona”. In fact, it is not corona, but smoking. Corona caused this.

Stages of Psychological Trauma

Stress is our biggest problem in the world we live in, when everything continues normally. This stress is reflected to people as trauma and obsessive compulsive disorder over time depending on its severity.

These troubles in most of us increased even more during the virus period. First of all, people couldn’t leave the house. The disturbances caused by this increased with the news watched on television. Our life has changed and shaped after every news received.

Cleaning and hygiene reached higher levels. For some, cleaning and hygiene is already a trauma and disorder. During this period, this anxiety disorder reached its highest level. Everyone started cleaning every day, day and night. Before sleeping, the hands have now lost their normal texture. Wounds began to form on everyone’s hands. Cleaning returned to its normal state in a short time from the disease level.


Then other psychological problems started. Fear of “If the virus gets infected when I get out, I may die”. We sat at home and tried to overcome this fear without going out. During this period, the phobias of people who feared staying indoors have reached their peak.

Not going out, standing still at home caused us to gain weight. The anxiety of “I gained a lot of weight, how will I lose weight?” Everyone started buying sports equipment in their homes. Light sports began.

It was not clear when the ban would end. Most people did not work and could not make money. Here is the biggest trauma. “I wonder if I run out of money?” The greatest psychological trauma and disorder began. The state and banks tried to solve the instant economic problem with loans and incentive packages.

Then new concerns began. “Will things be the same as before? Will I have a job to work for? ” These traumas will disappear when life begins to return to normal. Of course it will take a while.

How can we get rid of these psychological disorders faster?


  • While we stay at home, we must find jobs that we can spend time with. Because we think as long as we are empty. Our anxiety increases as we think.


  • We can read books. It is a habit that has always been delayed since there is no time to date. Now it’s time. It will be very useful to start from the books with few pages and will attract our attention.


  • We should watch the news on TV little. Watching the same news day and night will scare and worry us again.


  • You can solve puzzles if you like. Thus, you will do brain gymnastics.


  • Small repairs can be made at home.


  • You can organize your clothes and clothes cabinets.


  • Games can be played with your family and children. or food made with various activities.


  • The sleep pattern is very important. We should sleep at least 8 hours. Psychological problems begin with disruption of the person’s sleep patterns. We must stick to pre-virus sleep and wake-up times.


  • Research the internet to turn the crisis into an opportunity.


  • After the virus, dream of a holiday with your family. This will be good for you.


  • Make voice or video calls on the phone with all your loved ones. Call your friends that you haven’t met for a long time. This will be very good for you and for the other person.

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