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How Is Six Pack Surgery Performed ?

About Abdominal Aesthetics

Six Pack aesthetics is the name given to the operations performed in the abdominal area where the muscles in the human body develop the most difficult . In these operations, the excess fat in the person’s abdominal area is removed from the body. Later, these oils remaining in the body are shaped with a certain sequence thanks to the expertise of plastic surgeons.

After the operation is over and approximately 1 month has passed, the person starts small sports movements . It was observed that among the people who had this operation, those who had little time to go to the gym were the most. Because many muscle mass in the human body provides a visible level of development with an average of one month of work. In this one month period, people can go to the gym and strengthen the muscles in the areas such as legs, chest, arms, shoulders and back.

However , the fats in the waist and abdomen are the hardest to lose. With this operation, the ground is prepared for getting rid of fat and growing abdominal muscles.

What is Six Pack Aesthetics?

Six Pack is a very difficult task. All athletes are aware of the challenging process of doing Six Packs . While all parts of the body can easily reveal muscle tissue, the muscles in the abdominal area are known as very ungrateful. Most of the time, no matter how hard you work, the abdominal muscles cannot show itself. The main reason for this is the fat layers in the real abdominal region.

Since the most concentrated area of ​​fat in the body is the abdomen and the abdominal muscles are located under these fat layers, it is necessary to burn the fat in the abdominal area first and then to work the abdominal muscles. This is a fairly long process. People can wear out quite a lot while dealing with this process. The best way to get rid of this is to have Six Pack aesthetics. This aesthetic procedure is known to be quite easy.

The main logic of this process is to intervene and remove the fat in the abdominal region that does not melt . Moreover, since the fats take on the appearance of muscle, the real muscle tissue under it can complete its development much more comfortably. In a short time, in addition to the appearance of fat, the abdominal muscles also strengthen and form integrity.

Who Can Have Six Pack Aesthetics?

It is ideal for people who love to do sports and expect to get efficiency from their sports. If you make a kind of sports you do not come useful and Abdominal Muscle (Six Pack) do not reach conclusions about Abdominal Muscle (Six Pack) aesthetics is an operation right for you.

Your doctor, who is a plastic surgery specialist, can easily put you in an aesthetic appearance in terms of muscle after examining you and performing the necessary tests. In this way, you will get rid of the trouble of your abdominal muscles that you have not been able to struggle and shape for many months.

So, can people who have been involved in sports for a long time also have Six Pack aesthetic surgery?

Are they doing sports for a long time an obstacle for this surgery? Of course not. Many people who have struggled to make Six Packs for a long time and have not achieved any success as a result, give up these applications at the end of the work and have Six Pack aesthetic operations.

After these operations, he will have the abdominal muscle in just one or two hours, which he has not been able to deal with for six months. But it should not be forgotten that this is not a real muscle formed at the end of the surgery. Only the fat tissues in the abdominal area are reshaped and appear outside the body as if they were an abdominal muscle. But unless you give this information to anyone, even anyone who touches your body cannot understand that this tissue is fat.

Because these compressed fat tissues harden and when touched by hand, it gives the impression and feeling that they are touching a hard muscle mass. It is a type of plastic surgery that has emerged due to the fact that many athletes have not been able to obtain abdominal muscles as a result of long efforts and has been used extensively in recent years.

How Is Six Pack Aesthetic Surgery Applied?

Six Pack aesthetic surgery is an operation that is known to be quite easy. The reason for this is that no knife is used in the surgery. In short, the patient does not face with getting stab wounds and any cuts during the surgery. The most important reason for this is that the procedure performed on the patient is performed by specialist plastic surgeons. When starting the procedure, plastic surgeons only enter by opening small holes in the Six Pack area with optical devices.

For this reason, the recovery rate of the patient after the operation is completed very quickly and quickly. Thanks to these optical cables during the operation, the fat tissues are intervened in the abdomen. If the fat tissue in the abdomen is more than necessary, some fat tissue is taken from the abdomen by these hoses.

But these hoses are devices that have very small centimeters or even micro sizes. After removing the excess adipose tissue, if any, the areas where the muscle appearance should be on the abdomen are drawn with the help of a pencil in order to shape the remaining adipose tissue.


Fat tissue in the abdominal area of ​​the person begins to be collected in a part by vibrating through these cables. As a result of these highly skillful processes, the adipose tissues take the appearance of a complete muscle. There are gaps, folds and stiffness between them. After that, what needs to be done is to remove the cables and hoses from the abdomen of the patient quite simply. Small holes are closed with the help of dressing.

The first recovery period is only between 6 and 7 days. It would be very easy for the person to return to their daily life. After that, the fat tissues in the abdominal area of ​​the person harden like a muscle and create a beautiful curved image. The remaining abdominal muscles under the fat tissue , the sport would be supported and strengthened more quickly strengthened since.

Before Six Pack Aesthetics

Six Pack Aesthetics Surgeon and Clinic Selection

If you want to have Six Pack aesthetics, you should pay attention to surgeon selection and clinic selection. Otherwise, you may face many undesirable situations, so you may be alone with great troubles.

So, what kind of path should we follow in this situation? Here is how. First of all, you should search the hospitals and clinics that perform Six Pack aesthetics on the internet . Many clinics try to perform this procedure in simple clinics, which we call under the stairs, and people can be exposed to great difficulties due to this situation.

Therefore, the clinic where you will be operated must be constantly controlled by the ministry of health and must be an institutional company. Otherwise, you may encounter many undesirable situations after the operation.

What should you do after completing your clinic selection? This is a situation that requires attention and sensitivity. Because after the clinic selection is made, you should choose a good surgeon. It will be much better for you if your surgeon has done this type of surgery before, because your surgeon’s hand will be used to this operation.


In addition, thanks to being specialized in this type of operation, the risk of making mistakes during the operation will be greatly reduced, so you can easily achieve the operation and shorten your recovery time greatly. Surgeon selection is one of the issues that are very important for you after surgery as well as pre-surgery. Because the expertise of the doctor who will perform the surgery also greatly affects the recovery process after the surgery.

Thanks to the successful completion of this operation by your surgeon, you can easily stand up after the operation and easily return to your daily life.

Preparation for Surgery

Stopping Blood Thinning Medications

Excessive consumption of blood thinners can cause great difficulties during surgery. These problems are as follows. If the person uses blood thinners before surgery, the blood will be very fluid during the surgery. Therefore, large bleeding occurs in cuts. If these bleeding is excessive, the patient may experience distress due to blood loss.

Therefore, blood thinners should be stopped immediately before surgery. Thus, blood will be at normal flow values ​​during the operation and blood loss will not be too much. This helps the patient to recover in a very short time. After the operation, you can return to daily life very quickly. Before the surgery, doctors always tell people to stop for a while if they drink blood thinners, as it will help recovery and recovery easily.


If you are taking blood thinners due to your heart disease, you should consult your cardiologist first. You should ask whether there will be a problem if you stop taking blood thinners for a short time.

If your cardiologist does not see any problems in quitting the medications for a short time, you should come to the plastic surgeon again with the papers you received from your heart doctor and approve them. If you do not use blood thinners for an important disease other than heart diseases, it is usually not a problem for you to stop taking blood thinners for a short time.

Smoking and Alcohol Use

Smoking and alcohol use are among the extremely risky uses for Six Pack aesthetic surgery. The reason for this is that a person who does sports should never use these substances. People can never do sports with smoking and alcohol use. While alcohol completely kills the liver and kidneys , smoking also harms the lungs.

A person who wants to exercise in a healthy way cannot use any of these. If only alcohol is used, alcohol entering the body will not be easily burned, so it will prevent sports. It is a substance that should definitely be avoided as it will cause more fat in the abdominal area.

Likewise, smoking creates major problems by creating blockages in the lungs. One of the most important organs for a person who will do sports is the lung. No athlete who cannot breathe properly can truly demonstrate full sporting ability throughout his life. Therefore, it is not possible for people who smoke to do sports.


However, some people do sports by consuming alcohol and cigarettes. But regardless, the sport these people do is useless. It is not just movements that can go beyond tiring the body with unnecessary movements.

Absolutely, people who smoke and alcohol use should give up their habits if they want to have Six Pack aesthetic surgery. Otherwise, a clear result will not be obtained after the operation. People who consume alcohol in a short time will not be able to support this Six Pack operation with sports, so the distribution of fat is again the scene.

If the person does not want to encounter this, it is absolutely necessary to stay away from smoking and alcohol. If he has such a habit before this operation, he should contact the surgeon who will perform the operation before the operation and get information about where to go to quit.

The surgeon interviewed will convey to him that the operation will not take place while these uses are definitely available. In some cases, the operation can be performed while alcohol and cigarette consumption is present.


However, these consumptions should be stopped for at least a month before the operation, and alcohol and smoking should be avoided for at least one month after the operation. In this way, after the operation, the muscles can be supported by doing sports. Thus, since the muscle masses under the lined oils work, the appearance is fully established and no further operation is required for a long time from now on. A person can live as an individual with abdominal muscles for the rest of his life.


During the preparation process for the surgery, if the person is using blood thinners, if he / she has problems with nutrition and diet, he / she eliminates them, and finally, if he / she uses alcohol and cigarettes, then major obstacles have been overcome for the surgery.

After this point, plastic surgeons undergo the standard examination procedures required for Six Pack aesthetic surgery. Since the operation to be performed is an aesthetic surgery procedure, there are no vital risks and many similar troublesome situations. From here, even in many health problems, the examination procedures are performed when you go to the hospital.

After these very simple procedures, your doctors submit a report to the surgeon who will perform the surgery and look at the medications to be given in the surgery and your values. Afterwards, your doctor approves this and preparations for the surgery begin.

So what are these examinations?

Physical Examination

Physical examination is a method often used by doctors in all diseases. In case of any physical distress, doctors want to be able to feel, see and touch the problematic area from the outside with the help of hands. In this way, many troubles and problems are revealed without the need for different examinations.

Physical examination is of great importance since the operation area to be underwent in Six Pack surgery is the abdomen and this area is completely visible. Doctors first try to understand the fat tissue themselves by examining your abdominal area manually. Since plastic surgeons have been trained on this subject for years, they can easily distinguish the fat layer underlying a skin tissue between muscles.


Thus, they have a general idea about the area where the operation should take place. However, physical examination is never fully sufficient. A detailed map of the abdominal area is required since the operation to be performed will be performed with the help of cables coming from outside without opening the abdominal area. It is a type of surgery that is similar to driving on the road.

Since it will be done by inserting tiny robotic arms from the abdomen, navigation is needed. This navigation can occur after measurements and scans of the region. Therefore, after the physical examination, your abdominal area is examined with the help of some computerized instruments. These are divided into separate titles as follows.

Blood analysis

Blood analysis is a very simple and easy test to be done when you visit a doctor, even with any headache. Most people are afraid to do blood tests. The reason for this is to be afraid of the pain of a needle that will enter the body. However, it is almost impossible to feel a great pain during the blood test. If you apply to the hospital with a complaint of any illness, the doctors will refer you to the nurses and request a tube or two of blood to be taken and examined in the laboratory.

However, when you need a blood test for surgery, the procedures may differ slightly. The reason for this is that many different procedures are applied in the blood analysis to be performed for surgery. First of all, approximately ten tubes of blood are taken from you, not one or two tubes of blood. Each of these blood is sent to separate laboratories for a different examination.

One or two tubes of blood will not be sufficient for complete examination of blood values. However, when blood is taken, ten tubes of blood are taken from you easily by opening a vascular access. A separate needle is not used for each tube of blood. So there is no valid reason to fear it either. After your blood tests are done, all examinations are sent to your physician as a file.


After your doctor examines these files, he will give you the information you need to know about your blood values. If necessary, it can give you warnings in the form of nutrition and diet until the day of surgery or to stop using alcohol. These warnings are extremely serious and must be taken into account. In order to avoid any mishaps during the surgery, you must follow the advice given by your doctor. In this way, your recovery period after the operation will be very fast.

Performing all of the blood tests will also provide an examination whether you have a different condition. So it is an extremely useful situation for you. Under normal circumstances, if you have such a blood test examination and try to get information about our values, these practices will be done to you both at very exorbitant prices and if you wait too long.

But when it comes to surgery, all of these examinations will be done in very low amounts. However, while taking blood in the clinic you go to, you should pay attention to whether the needles that will enter your body are sterile and, if necessary, warn the nurses about this. Apart from that, there is nothing different to say about blood tests.

Surgery Day

Anesthesia Control 1

We examined the time from the patient’s own room to the operating room under the title. At this point, the patient is laid on the operating room table and visited by experts in the field respectively. The first person to contact the patient in the room becomes an anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist comes to the patient, talks to him and gives information about the operation again.

The majority of patients generally prefer the general anesthesia method because of their fear. Anesthesia is started to be given to the patient who will receive general anesthesia by opening a vascular access in the arm first by the anesthesiologist. This is just a stun medicine that ensures that the person does not wake up for a long time after being under anesthesia.

Therefore, the patient does not feel the feeling of fainting with this drug that comes first through the vascular access. It only has a slight tiredness. Subsequently, the anesthesiologist starts sniffing a medicine with a tube and mouthpiece. This mouthpiece gradually brings the mouthpiece closer to the patient’s mouth. Finally, he asks the patient to breathe by closing it in his mouth. Depending on the body of the person, between one and three breaths, people lose consciousness and switch to sleep. After that, the patient cannot come to himself and cannot feel any process performed on his body until the drug from the arm is removed.

Anesthesia Control 2

The anesthesiologist tells him that he will come back to wake him up before he goes to sleep and that he should answer when he calls out. After the person is under anesthesia, it is the person who is an anesthesiologist who will wake the person again when the operation is over. This person comes to the patient and tells him that the surgery is over and that he will take him to his family by touching the patient slowly.

Here, the stages of awakening and regaining consciousness of the patient are seen. The patient easily comes to him and starts to answer the words coming from his environment. But usually consciousness is not fully clear. It can only be perceived and responded slowly. The interviews that the person will make with the anesthesiologist and the contacts to be made with him during the operation are just this.

Preparing the Patient for Surgery

The process of preparing the patient for surgery covers the period starting from the room of the person and until he is brought to the operating table and anesthetized under the effect of anesthesia. The people on duty within this period are everyone from caregiver status to surgeon status.

First, caregivers hand over their surgical gowns and give them a short time to dress. No other clothing is allowed under this surgical gown, as it is not allowed in any surgery. After that, he is brought to the operating room on the bed. Usually, the anesthesiologist first makes the first contact with the patient. After that, because the operating room is very cold and the person is not wearing any clothes, the fabrics are covered. At this point, the first contact with the patient after the anesthesiologist usually establishes his own surgeon who will perform the operation.


The surgeon comes to the patient and tells him that everything is fine to keep him psychologically resistant and he is here. It gives information that everything will be better after the surgery. This is the stage of preparing the patient for surgery before the operation. Generally, the patient becomes anesthetized in a short time and when he opens his eyes again, he is in a room that is now called a waiting room. The person who will wake him up here is the anesthesiologist who gives anesthesia.

The person who meets the patient first and finally sends him off from the operating room is the same. A doctor constantly waits at the beginning of the patients and calls the anesthesiologist to the patients whose anesthesia effect is about to end and has it intervened.

Preparation of the Surgery Team

The preparation process of the surgical team for surgery is a very laborious and frequent process. All operating room personnel must first be disinfected and hygienic. Therefore, the entire team goes through the cleaning stages before entering the operating room. In addition, all materials in the operating room must be completely disinfected.

Although many tools and items are taken out of their packaging and used for one time, they must be disinfected one by one. Therefore, the operating room team completely hygiene these parts. Before you come to the operating room and after you come to the operating room, the entire team takes care of the cleaning of the parts that will come into contact with your body during the process until you become anesthetized.

All of them are checked by specialists one by one to ensure that even a single surgical instrument is not missing. However, after that, your anesthesia process starts and the duration of the operation continues.


After the surgery is completed, the pain that patients will suffer is not at maximum levels. The reason for this is that the entire operation is performed by inserting small robotic hoses into the abdomen only. No cuts can be made. Therefore, large stitches are not required. The operation is completed by applying only small dressings to the places where the entrance is made from the abdomen.

Therefore, it is not observed that the patient experiences great pain after the operation. Only time required to rid the body of the anesthetic after the operation as well, the feeling of fatigue and sleep comes . There is no pain condition for patients receiving general anesthesia. Since the narcosis effect is already a narcotic effect, even small pains that may occur are eliminated with the effect of narcosis.

The patient does not feel any pain until the next day. After that, a few more days are spent with only occasional contractions and minor pain sensations, and regeneration is observed in the patient’s healing process. After that, it will be in favor of the patient to go to the doctor’s control regularly and to be under surveillance to finalize the treatment.


After the operation is completed, the patient is kept under surveillance at the hospital for one day. In the meantime, specialist physicians examine whether there is any problem in the patient’s mobility. Observations such as any swelling in the abdominal area, pain during sitting and standing are performed. The first observations are of great importance in terms of how the surgery goes.

Subsequently, the rapid recovery of the patient’s mobility starts one day later. Within a week, the patient regains his old mobility again. Post-operative examinations in the hospital are made to have an idea about whether there is any problem with the course of the surgery.

Generally , it has been observed that the mobility of the people who had Six Pack aesthetic surgery regained completely after about a week. Flexible and comfortable movements can be easily observed before the operation.

Stand up

The patient’s standing up time after surgery is very short. After the surgery, patients usually wait to get out of the narcosis effect. After the narcosis effect is over, the surgeon who performs the operation comes to meet with the patient. He talks with the patient and asks himself some questions.

After that, if there is any movement problem in the abdominal area, the patient asks him to do some movements to observe this. After these movements are completed, it is understood that the person has no problem. First of all, under the supervision of the doctor, the patient is asked to stand up and take a short walk. However, under any circumstances, since the patient has just been operated on, this period is limited to one or two minutes and the patient is asked to return to bed.


After this very short tour, the first act of standing up for the patient takes place. After being hosted at the hospital for one night, the next morning, the patient is raised to be sent home and discharged on foot. It is very easy for the patient to return to his daily work. Generally, patients can return to work two days after surgery if they are working desk jobs.

However, if the work of patients is more active and requires physical strength, it is recommended that patients stay away from work for at least a week. Even though many patients think that they can work by protecting themselves, they may experience spasms and pain in the operation area if they undergo heavy load within a few days. This may bring the patient to be re-operated. It is a very dangerous and risky behavior.

Doctors advise patients to rest if possible and to rest at home without going out for a while.

Duration of Operation

Six Pack surgery takes around 1 hour on average . However, this period is the time from the patient’s anesthesia until the end of the surgery. On average, it takes the patient to enter the operating room completely and move from the operating room to his private room, on average, in the range of 2-3 hours.

Normally, this time-out can often scare people because doctors show one hour as the operation time to the relatives of the person. But there is no need to be afraid. On average, it takes between twenty minutes and half an hour for the person to enter the operating room and become anesthetized. The operation usually takes around an hour to complete.

One hour later, after the operation is over, the patient is taken to a special room in the operating room called the recovery room. Here, on average, it takes between fifteen minutes and twenty minutes to sober. It also takes ten minutes to be taken out of here and transferred to his private room. Their total is on average 2 – 3 hours. It has also been found to be shorter in some cases and longer in some cases. However, an increase in duration is not something that will bring fear.

Discharge and Recovery Time

After the patient leaves the operating room, it is essential to be kept under surveillance for one day in the hospital. This one-day period is seen even in the smallest operations and is required by the general procedure. Depending on the size of the operation, any patient can be kept under surveillance at the hospital for a minimum of one day and a maximum of unlimited time.

Since Six Pack aesthetic surgery is a minor surgery, there is usually one day of observation at the hospital. After this one day, patients are discharged. After discharge, the overall recovery time is usually one week. Within this week, the person also has a tendency to recover gradually.

At the end of a week in total, all pre-surgery activities can be done. It becomes easier for the person to return to his / her daily life. In general , it is possible to say that people who have Six Pack surgery are discharged within a week and complete their overall recovery. But they have to wait at least 30 days to start sports.

Things to pay attention

Sports and Exercise

After the surgery, the biggest concern of the patients is whether the fats created in the Six Pack area with sports or exercises to be done will melt. This question is asked many times to doctors by patients. The answer to this question is that the sports activities to be carried out will not be able to melt the fat created in the Six Pack area.

Because the fat shaped in the abdominal region freezes in about a week and acquires a muscle appearance among themselves and hardens and gains a form that will not deteriorate and melt again. Additional sports will now be more efficient. Muscles lost under the fat mass will work much healthier.

As the muscle under the fat hardens in the following processes, it will put pressure on the adipose tissue and this fat mass will decrease in an upward direction. This reveals that the fat and muscles formed in the abdominal area will lead to a better Six Pack image.


Smoking is one of the most important prohibited activities after Six Pack surgeries.

The breakdown of these surgically compressed fat masses causes the operation to be completely futile and unnecessary. If you do not want to lose these abdominal muscles consisting of fat, it is imperative that you do not smoke for at least one week after surgery. If you smoke during this time, the surgery performed will not be successful.

You have been operated in a private hospital, you cannot take back the cost of the surgery in any way. For this reason, it is imperative that you quit smoking for at least one week in the postoperative period.

Corset Use

After the operation, the special corset given by the doctor should be used for 3-4 weeks. It should only be removed while taking a shower. Other times, wearing it constantly affects the results of the surgery positively. The patient should use the antibiotic cream given by the doctor 2-3 times a day. While the oil is being taken, it should be applied on the small channels opened. This process will close the small wounds in the fastest and most hygienic way.

It is very important to massage, as the doctor has shown. It is important for the disappearance of existing edema. If not massaged, these accumulated edema must be pulled out from under the skin with a syringe.


The pain that will be seen after every surgery is considered as a complication. Because these pains occur with the effect of the surgery, even pain is known as a complication. However, since this complication is considered as a reaction of the body after every surgery, it is not seen as important. These are also underestimated as they are low-grade complications. It is covered with painkillers.


It is among the common complications. Infection is not always seen in patients. It may be faced with such a risk in Abdominal Muscle Surgery (Six Pack). The cause of this infection is usually robotic arms placed in the abdomen of patients.

These robotic arms are inserted through small micro holes. During this, abrasion occurs on the skin. These abrasions can turn into infection if careful dressing and cleaning is not done. First of all, the reaction and fear of patients with inflammation in this area is great. First, the doctor should be informed.


However, even if there are risky situations, the infections end with the necessary intervention of the doctors. The infection is easily resolved with the medications to be given to the patient and the dressings to be made. If you are faced with such a situation, all you need to do is inform your doctor. There is nothing to be afraid of or worry about. Infections are considered second degree in complication classes.

It may take about three days for the infections to clear up again. Regular use of medicines to be given during these three days is essential. Otherwise, it may take longer for the infection to disappear.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are seen as redness and itching in the body , usually due to the use of corset. To prevent this, it is necessary to open and ventilate the corset more frequently. It is necessary to take a shower more often. Cream is recommended for itching and redness.

Swelling and Edema

Swelling and edema usually occur in the abdominal region of those who have Six Pack aesthetic surgery after surgery. Since fat is collected on an area, it is normal for swelling to occur in the area and the body to react to this accumulation.

The body wants to spread this fat, which is collected in accordance with its structure and form, to the abdomen. For this, he struggles intensely for the first twelve hours. Meanwhile, the pain of the patient may increase intensely. However, these swelling and edema are not very dangerous situations. Doctors prescribe the necessary medications for swelling and edema.

During the time in the hospital, these drugs are transferred to the serums by syringe and given to the patient via a vein. These edema will disappear over time. On average, no signs of edema and swelling are seen on the body at the end of a week. If the swelling and edema have not disappeared after a week, information about how to follow can be obtained by applying to the hospital.

Doctor Controls

Doctor’s checks are very important and should not be neglected. After the operation, the person should definitely go to their appointments and meet with the physician in accordance with the calendar given by the doctor.

Frequently asked Questions

Will there be scars after the operation?

In abdominal aesthetic surgeries, no scar is encountered. Because all of the surgeries are performed only by inserting small robotic tubes into the patient’s abdomen. One stitch is sufficient for small holes formed in these entrances . Remember that the part you undergo surgery is plastic surgery. Even if a scar occurs in any surgery, it is very difficult to encounter a scar in the operations of this section. Even if you have such doubts, you can discuss this with your specialist surgeon before surgery.

Is Six Pack aesthetics a painful procedure?

There is no pain or aches in the abdominal aesthetic surgery. Only minor pain occurs due to the procedures performed in the operation after the operation. However, with the effect of narcosis and painkillers, it will be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the person will experience pain or pain after the operation. You can easily prevent any pain that may occur by using the medications that the doctor will give you for a week.

When will the effects of the surgery occur?

The effects of Abdominal aesthetic surgery begin to emerge after a week on average. Taking the image of the abdominal muscle completely occurs after 2 months on average . In this process, it is absolutely necessary to do what the specialist physician says. Otherwise, fat pieces that are re-placed in the abdomen may be dispersed again. The re-breakdown of these oils means to cause the operation to be completely unnecessary.

How does Six Pack aesthetic surgery affect the patient psychologically?

Abdominal aesthetic (Six Pack) surgery affects the patient psychologically negatively on the first day of surgery. Because of the stress of the operating room, the patients wear out psychologically. However, this negative effect often disappears after entering the operating room.

After seeing the work of doctors, psychological relief comes. After the surgery, the psychology of the patients begins to progress very well. Individuals who start to see themselves as more beautiful or handsome psychologically make peace with their own selves. It is possible to say that it is a type of surgery that has become more preferred by patients who do not feel psychologically beautiful or handsome.

Are there situations where Six Pack surgery is mandatory?

There are no situations where Six Pack aesthetic surgeries are mandatory. This type of surgery can only be done by the person’s own request. In very rare cases, people who have excessive fat in the abdominal area can be taken from their abdominal area according to their wishes. However, if the patient wants to have an Abdominal Muscle (Six Pack) during this procedure, this operation can be performed within this operation.

Is age factor important in Six Pack aesthetics?

Age factor is not important in order to have Six Pack aesthetic surgery . However, a person must be at least eighteen years old before he or she decides to make any changes to their body.

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