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Postnasal drip

Post Nasal Drip

In every healthy person, a secretion called “mucus” is produced by certain glands in the nose. Those structures that moisten the nasal and sinus cavities from the secretion of mucus; secreted to remove impurities such as dust, pollen, microorganisms..

About 1 liter of mucus is produced daily by the glands in the nose, and this secretion travels from the nasal cavity to the sinuses and nasal cavity. It is also swallowed through the nasal cavity down the throat (we are not even aware of this situation).

Certain diseases and conditions can cause an increase in the amount of runny nose, intensity of color and consistency. In this case, the runny nose, which we do not notice under normal conditions, becomes a nuisance.

The main cause of a runny nose is colds and sinusitis. Apart from these, factors like cigarettes, various medications, and seasonal transitions can also increase a runny nose.

Sleep Respiratory Disorders

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