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Pierre Robin Syndrome

Pierre Robin Syndrome

Pierre Robin syndrome owes its name to Pierre Robin, whom he discovered in 1920.

Due to the difficulty in swallowing due to the lack of development of the lower and upper jaws in newborns, it causes the tongue to run backwards. This causes breathing problems.

This swallowing disorder occurs when the larynx, that is, the larynx, as we know it in everyday speech, is replaced from top to bottom.

This problem makes it difficult for newborns to breathe. In addition, in this syndrome, eating becomes extremely difficult at the same time as breathing.

If no intervention is done under the supervision of a doctor, it can cause major problems. This can lead to disability and even death.

Diagnosis of Pierre Robin syndrome

  • The diagnosis of the disease is made by ultrasound in the period between the period of conception, called the prenatal period, and the time when labor pain begins.
  • However, the diagnosis of the disease is usually made after the baby is diagnosed with respiratory distress and a small chin.
    As the most prominent feature of the syndrome, we can say that the lower jaw is significantly behind the upper jaw.
  • During the first examination of the newborn, the size of the jaw and the integrity of the palate should be carefully examined. Although cleft palate is a symptom in most cases, it is not a necessary symptom for diagnosis of the condition.
  • Symptoms such as bruising and respiratory arrest mainly occur when the baby is lying down or while nursing.
    However, the baby’s life may come to an end due to stopping breathing before certain symptoms are observed.

Pierre Robin Syndrome Treatment Methods

  • As a method of treatment, we can say the treatment of Robin, which gave its name to the disease.
  • In this treatment, the baby is lying on his stomach and fed in this way, so the child’s posture is necessarily corrected depending on the position.
  • The lower jaw protrudes, however, only simple forms of the syndrome can be treated with this method.
  • In advanced cases, this method does not respond and is not applied.
    In such a case, surgery is required.
  • In addition to the surgical procedure, treatment methods such as insertion of a nasopharyngeal tube, laryngeal mask and endotracheal intubation, glossopexy and tracheostomy are also available.
  • It is extremely important to choose the most suitable method of treatment for the syndrome.
  • Feeding the baby by sucking the mother seems possible only in mild cases.
    The baby should be breastfed lying on his side.
  • During bottle-feeding, the baby can be placed face down or fed while lying on his side.

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