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Normal birth

Normal Birth – Normal Labour & Vaginal Birth

How is Normal Birth?

There are 3 stages of normal birth. The period from the start of the first regular contractions to full dilatation; The first stage, the time from full dilatation to the birth of the baby, is the second stage and the third stage is the separation of the placenta.

How is Normal Birth Done?

Stage one:

The cervix begins to open with the birth pains coming regularly every 8-10 minutes. The mucus plug that covers the cervix is excreted in a slightly bloody manner. The first stage of labour is the longest stage of labour. Approximately 85-90% of the entire delivery time passes in the first stage. The patient should not be tired at this stage.

In this phase, you can do some activities that will relax you. These are briefly;

  • Taking a light walk
  • Taking a warm shower
  • Relaxing listening to music
  • To apply relaxing breathing techniques taught in childbirth education
  • Change position

When the cervix opens approximately 6-7 cm and the baby’s head presses the entrance of the birth canal fully, the water sac opens. Once the water sac is opened, the intensity of the pain is slightly reduced due to the decrease in the tension in the uterus, but then increases again.

Second Phase:

When the cervix is fully opened, birth has started. At this stage, the pains have increased and are now at the highest level. Pains come in 2-3 minutes apart and continue for 60-70 seconds. At this stage, the mother begins to feel an uncomfortable strain in the will along with the pain. This period lasts for approximately one hour for the first child and half an hour for the second or third child. The prolongation of this period is important for the health of the baby. This is why the baby’s heartbeat is often rested.

Third Stage:

At this stage, the expectant mother is now relieved and holds her baby in her arms. Some hospitals allow the mother to breastfeed at this stage. The mother’s attention is now shifting to her baby, but many events continue to occur at this stage.The placenta, which provides the whole connection of the baby to the mother, is still in the womb.After the placenta shows signs of separation, the placenta is removed by massaging the uterus from the top.This phase does not exceed half an hour. When the placenta exits, you may need to push one last time. After the placenta comes out, the vagina and the vagina are checked and sutured if any tears occur.It is also checked by the doctor to see if the placenta comes out in one piece. By controlling the patient’s bleeding, delivery is completed.

Symptoms of Normal Birth

There are many symptoms of normal birth. Not all of these symptoms are observed in mothers. For example, some symptoms, such as engagement, may not be noticed or appear at all.

Symptoms of normal birth; bloody discharge called regular sightings, regular contractions, the arrival of water, back pain, feeling of relief, energetic and happy feeling, frequent urination needs.

Engagement (bloody discharge):

To protect the baby from infections in the womb, there is a mucus plug in the cervix. With the baby coming down and the birth approaches, this plug is discarded with some blood.

Regular contractions:

Regular contractions are the most reliable predictors of the onset of labour. You can change the position to understand the difference between true labour and false labour. If the pains do not disappear or the contractions become more frequent and more severe, this is the real labour pains.

Water arrival:

The baby is found in the womb in a pouch filled with a liquid called amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid flows when the sac of the sac is torn with pains. This event is called the arrival of water. Even if you have water, but do not show any other symptoms, you should consult your hospital as soon as possible.

Back pain:

Muscles that start to contract and stretch for birth can also affect your back muscles. Therefore, sometimes in some pregnant women before birth pains can be observed markedly back.

Feeling of lightness:

With the baby’s head sitting in the birth canal, the mother’s belly is observed lower. As the infant descends no longer presses the lungs as much as before, a feeling of relief occurs in the mother.

Frequent urination:

As a result of the baby coming down, the urinary bladder will tighten and the mother’s desire to urinate will increase.

Feeling energetic and happy:

Some mothers feel energetic and happy just before birth begins.

What Week Does Normal Birth Occur?

Normal delivery occurs between 38th and 40th weeks of pregnancy. Births before 37 weeks are called preterm births and births after 42 weeks are called late births. Some of the birth symptoms listed above can occur even 4 weeks before the baby arrives. The best physician decides when normal birth begins.

Benefits of Normal Birth

  • It causes the mother and the baby to carry out a healthy birth without risking the health of the baby. Everything is natural, as the name suggests.
  • Cesarean section, which is often preferred today, is not a method that can be chosen instead of normal birth. Cesarean section is the method used in cases where it is dangerous to perform under normal conditions.
  • There will be no need for anaesthesia since surgery will not be performed in the normal delivery method.
  • After the birth of the baby, the risk of bleeding and infection will be minimized.
  • Hospital stay will be reduced, they can recover quickly and go home.
  • Mothers who are conscious because they will not get anesthesia can breastfeed their babies more easily and smoothly.
  • According to the studies, babies who will be born with normal birth will pass through the birth canal and encounter some beneficial bacteria and strengthen the immune system.

Here Are The Benefits of Normal Birth For The Baby:

  • When the baby enters the birth canal during normal birth, he/she experiences his / her first meeting with the bacteria. This meeting is thought to have a very important place in the baby’s immune system.
  • After a normal birth, the mother and the baby meet more quickly, which is important for initial attachment.
  • Babies born with a normal birth can be fed faster because the milk comes from the mother faster after a normal birth.

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