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Nipple (Breast) Aesthetics

Nipple aesthetics (nipple aesthetics) is a small surgical intervention that can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The nipple may be completely buried or collapsed. Also, the nipple may be larger or wider than normal.


Nipple (Chest Tip) – What is Aerola?

The nipple (nipple), also known as areola; It is a structure that has a pink-brown form around it, has 14-17 milk channels inside, and provides an aesthetically beautiful appearance to the breast. It has a protrusion in the middle and is elastic. There is a thin muscle tissue under the skin of Areola, and the protrusion in the nipple contracts and hardens with different arousals (cold, sex drive, fear, etc.).


Why does a Collapsed Nipple occur?

There are connective tissues that provide movement around the nipple. The nipple has an erect structure that allows it to grow in heat, cold, breastfeeding or touch. If the muscle structure in these structures turns back to fibrotic tissue, there is no nipple movement due to fibrous tissues and remains collapsed inside. This causes a collapsed nipple to form.


How is Nipple (Nipple) Aesthetics Made?

Sometimes there may be an enlargement of the halo around the nipple, or the angle of the protrusion may have changed, or the nipple may have collapsed. In such cases, the nipple can be corrected with minor surgical interventions.

Different techniques are used in the treatment of nipple (nipple) aesthetics. With the applied techniques, the milk ducts and ties that pull the nipple in are cut and the nipple is released. Different tissues can be placed underneath the nipple so that the complaint does not recur.

It is not recommended to use the technique of cutting milk ducts in patients who are considering giving birth and breastfeeding after nipple aesthetics.


Nozzle Tip

Some women may develop congenital, pregnancy, breastfeeding or nipples in a certain period of life. The nipple does not come out. If there is no congenital nipple, some amount may go out with breastfeeding. However, it may not always be at the desired level. In women with breastfeeding problems, it is already recommended to remove the nipple surgically.

Apart from that, surgical intervention can be performed for those who do not have a nipple in aesthetic sense. These surgical interventions can be entered through a very small incision around the nipple and the nipple can be taken out. It is an operation performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. In some cases, if the required nipple does not come out, the surgery can be repeated.

If there is not a lot of collapsing in the nipple, the nipple can be taken out by placing tissue under the breast in the appropriate patients without surgery. However, in these cases, surgical treatment is more recommended, since breastfeeding will be affected.


Nipple Growth

The diameter of the nipple, that is, brown or dark colored structures, varies according to the breast size. However, in people with average breast, the nipple diameter is around 4-5 cm. Sudden growths in breasts or in large breasts, this diameter may expand.

Nipple enlargement, which is generally observed in large breasts, is reduced to normal levels while the breast is shrunk with the operation performed from the nipple. However, if there is a diameter expansion without nozzle size, only the brown part is reduced. Generally, after the intervention, the scars are not clear.

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