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Inactivity and Circulation

Inactivity and Circulation Problems

What are immobility and circulation problems?

Inactivity and circulatory problems include all of the disorders that occur due to the body’s inactivity for a long time. Inactivity and circulatory problems can have many causes. Long air travel is one of them. It is recommended that you perform stretching movements at regular intervals to avoid inactivity and circulation problems on long flights.

Inactivity and Circulation Problems in Flight?

Inactivity and circulation problems in air travel are one of the consequences of sitting for a long time. The human body is not suitable for long periods of inactivity. This is one reason why long-term trips make you feel uncomfortable. If you sit in the same position for several hours, blood will build up on your legs and your blood circulation will decrease. Blood collection and a low circulation rate can also cause blood clotting.

Measures to be taken against inactivity and circulation problems

Standing still in an airplane can cause circulation problems. You can regulate your blood flow rate with small exercises during the flight.

To accelerate blood circulation, the front of the foot can be raised and lowered by pressing the heels on the seat. This movement will soon accelerate blood flow.

Circles can be drawn first from inside to outside, then from outside to inside by first lifting the feet, the right foot and then the left foot. Continuing this exercise will be an accelerator for blood pressure.

Another exercise in the airplane in order to prevent circulatory disturbance is to make hands punch. As an activator for the opening of blood vessels and the circulatory system, punching and dropping exercise can be performed by placing the hands on the legs, hips, feet and upper body with the palm up.

How to Exercise

Still life causes many ailments. If you are going to board a plane in the near future, you may want to consider visiting a doctor for possible circulatory problems. Especially if you are older, your risk of heart disease is higher. Long-term flights can slow down the circulatory system, so you need to move inside the aircraft. Apart from simple exercises with hands and feet, it is recommended that you do a few exercise movements to help relieve stress caused by inactivity in the aircraft.

For long-term flights, you can walk up the corridor every 2 hours. During this time, you can make opening and passing movements on the hands and feet.

You can accelerate your blood flow by lifting your legs up in the sitting position.

You can do neck opening exercises by standing up from time to time in your seat.

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