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Clean Ears

How to Clean Ears?

Clean Ears; Contrary to popular belief, earwax is not dirt, but a natural secretion of the body. The secretion called cerumen is secreted from the glands located in the lower part of the skin in the external ear canal.

This secretion, which protects the eardrum from bacteria, dust and dirt particles that may come from the external environment, dries by itself when it completes its function and is thrown into the auricle.

The secretion that is thrown into the ear canal or external ear canal and known as earwax among the people is called plug. The cleaning process that most people do at home with a swab or ear wax is an extremely wrong and dangerous process.

During cleaning with this type of cleaning equipment, the cerumen secretion is wiped off unnoticed. Cleaning the earwax in this way causes itching of the ear and leaves the eardrum vulnerable to dirt and bacteria that may come from outside. In addition, unconscious cleaning processes with ear cleaners cause the plug to be pushed into the inner part of the ear and become blocked.

Why Does Earwax Occur?

  • Working or being in dusty and dirty environments for a long time
  • Swelling of the plug after swimming or taking a bath
  • Failure to get the plug out of the ear due to the structural narrowing of the external ear canal
  • Using devices such as hearing aids, earplugs and earplugs
  • Trying to constantly clean the ear with foreign objects

What Are the Symptoms of Earwax?

The following symptoms may occur if the plug accumulates in the ear or cannot be thrown out of the ear for different reasons:

  • Earache
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Ear congestion or partial hearing loss
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ear
  • Odor from the ear
  • Itching of the ear
  • Dark discharge from the ear
  • Dry cough

In the presence of such symptoms, ear cleaning should not be done with foreign objects such as an ear cleaning device and an otolaryngologist should be consulted without wasting time.

How Does the Doctor Do Ear Cleaning?

  • Lavage:

Lavage, also known as ear washing, is among the most commonly used ear cleaning procedures. The doctor squeezes a special solution into the patient’s ear and softens all foreign structures and plugs in the ear. During the procedure, where the ear to be cleaned is positioned to face the floor, this solution is continuously sprayed into the ear. The process is continued until the solution has a clear appearance. After the procedure, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

  • Aspiration:

In this method, also known as vacuuming, the hardened plug in the ear is taken out with the aspirator device used. Before the procedure, a special solution is used to soften the plug.

  • Curette:

The doctor removes the plug, which is softened with a special solution, using a curette.

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