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Diet, which means nutrition, is the first step taken to lose weight. All of the food consumed by a living organism’s metabolism is called a diet. It is based on intense or limited food consumption within the framework of certain rules.

Excessive weight gain brought about by today’s eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle emerges as a situation that needs to be combated due to both aesthetic reasons and causing diseases.

Obesity is seen as a health problem not only for our country but all over the world, healthy eating habits and exercise are recommended for everyone.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to diet is weight loss. Actually, this is a misconception. Diet; It is the name given to the nutrition program we eat daily.

Why Should a Diet be Done?

Unhealthy diet can cause many diseases as well as weight gain in people. For this reason, people who are overweight today want to diet. People should not apply every diet program that they can easily find in order to lose or gain weight.

While a special diet program is prepared for you by a dietitian who is specialized in his field, your medical condition is investigated with special examinations, first of all, the reason for your weight gain or weight loss is investigated and a special program is created for you.

The diet program that you will do without finding the reason for weight gain or loss can do you more harm than good. Dieting is done with the aim of having a healthy diet, metabolism and keeping the body weight in balance.

Today, there are many people who think that it is necessary to starve in order to lose weight. This thinking is quite wrong. A diet can be applied with the right diet lists and adequate and balanced nutrition.

The diet should be prepared according to the eating habits, height, weight, side or chronic diseases of the people. In addition, diet lists are determined by dietitians according to the profession and physical activity status of the people.

Why Should We Go to a Dietitian?

It is inevitable that a person who wants to start a diet should consult a dietitian in order to prevent her from actually harming herself. A real dietitian has the client who applies to her get a blood test.

Then she/ he  performs a fat measurement by looking at the blood results of that person. According to the results, it prepares a special diet program for that person.

If there is a disease, it provides treatment by directing it to the relevant doctor. And the diet program begins.


The Effects of Obesity on Your Healty

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