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Crooked Leg Aesthetics

What is a Crooked Leg?

A crooked leg is a distorted, crooked, intermittent appearance on the legs when the two legs are joined together from the heels. The disproportion between the two legs, the absence of a straight and curved image is a crooked leg.

What are the Types of Crooked Legs?

O leg, X leg, brace leg are the crooked leg types known among the people. The X leg is referred to as the genu valgum, while the O leg and the brace are described as the leg genu varum.

How to Detect a Crooked Leg?

Detection of crooked legs can be done from an early age. In order to understand the crooked legs, the person is asked to bring the two heels side by side. When these two heels come together, if there is an opening in the knee area and this part does not come together, you have a crooked leg problem.

However, if this appearance is due to bone curvature, its treatment can only be proceeded by the orthopedic doctor with the processes of breaking and re-union of the bones. It is a difficult and long treatment.

What Causes Skewness and Disproportion in Legs?

While it can be seen after birth due to the position of the mother’s womb, sometimes due to vitamin D deficiency, crooked legs may occur with the onset of the disease described as rickets.

What Are the Risk Factors for Braces Leg?

Vitamin D deficiency and postpartum position that does not improve after birth can be described as risk factors.

Who Are Suitable For Leg Aesthetics?

Before this operation, it is necessary to communicate with the doctor. The surgery is performed by plastic aesthetic surgeons. The surgeon needs to conduct a detailed examination. Why the procedure is done is important. Is it due to polio? Or does the fat accumulated in the knees disrupt the leg harmony?

After measuring the two legs separately and comparing them with the necessary norms, the symmetry is reviewed. As a result of the determinations made, the appropriate action is decided.

If implant augmentation is to be applied, the dimensions of the prosthesis are determined according to the measurements taken. If fat transfer is to be made, it should be checked whether it is suitable. Smoking and used drugs should be stopped in consultation with your doctor.

Crooked Leg Surgery

Crooked leg treatment methods vary according to the age range. Treating the problem at a young age can prevent many health problems. In addition, this situation eliminates the need for surgery in the future. Since the crooked leg develops due to many problems, surgery should be recommended after appropriate treatment methods have been tried. For example, if a problem with rickets is caused by vitamin D, phosphate and calcium deficiency, it is necessary to take adequate vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium daily in the treatment of this condition.

Getting enough sunlight can also help. It is used in braces designed to be used at night, for x-leg and curvature problems. In cases where the problem cannot be prevented, plastic surgery is performed on young people, usually due to appearance. The treatment method to be applied is determined by taking x-rays to the patient. Because of the high success rate of the crooked leg correction surgery system, it is frequently preferred all over the world.

 How is Crooked Leg Aesthetics Performed?

Crooked leg aesthetics is performed with two main surgical techniques.

Crooked Leg Aesthetics with Fat Injection into the Leg

The upper leg part is thinned with the process of removing fat from the knee circumference and upper leg (Vaser Liposuction).

Fats taken from this area are injected into the missing part of the inner part of the calf in the lower leg. Since the entire application is made with the patient’s own oil, no foreign body reaction, toxic and allergic side effects are observed. Since the fat removal process is performed with Vaser Liposuction, the permanence rates are expected to be higher.

Crooked Leg Aesthetics with Silicone Implant (Prosthesis)

It is also called calf implants produced to provide leg fullness below the knee. These silicones are used in the treatment of clubfoot.

They are in different volumes and shapes and are chosen together by the patient and the doctor for the desired volume increase and shape. This method is not suitable for the above-knee region (inner thigh).

With the incision made from the inside of the back of the knee, a place suitable for the size of the selected silicone is opened and the silicone is placed in this area.

It is very important that the area to be opened is not too large to prevent the displacement of the silicone. The duration of the operation is an average of one hour, and it is performed with anesthetizing from the waist or general anesthesia.

Leg Aesthetics with Non-Surgical Aquafilling

If the patient does not intend to have surgery, non-surgical correction of curvature, removal of thinness and thickening can be done with aquafilling filling. This application is performed under local anesthesia and it is returned to normal life immediately. With this application, volume can be added to the inside and outside of your leg, around the knee, ankles, and any missing area.

Aquafilling is a filling that lasts 5-8 years. Aquafilling is a water-based filler, it has no harm to the body, it can also be used in breast enlargement and butt enlargement processes, except for legs.

Can a Crooked Leg Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Most people who have clubbed legs are wondering and researching whether there is a non-surgical solution to this problem that occurs in them without the need for surgical treatment. Crooked leg is not a condition that can be corrected without surgery. Aesthetic operations are applied to hide the bad appearance. Skewed bones definitely require surgical treatment.

What are the Benefits of Crooked Leg Aesthetics?

Crooked leg aesthetics, like all other types of aesthetics, has some advantages.

Bent leg aesthetics advantages are as follows;

  • Weak and unaesthetic appearance disappears.
  • The person feels good psychologically.
  • The person can now wear clothes such as skirts and shorts that he cannot wear due to his illness.

Crooked Leg After Treatment

Corrections are made in the knees and feet, thanks to the techniques applied to the patients in line with the determined treatment method. Thanks to these corrections, the person gets a smooth and healthy leg appearance. This is particularly pleasing in young patients. The success rate is quite high in correction surgeries after clubfoot treatment. The person can recover in a short time after the surgery. Many patients are satisfied with their leg appearance after treatment.

Things to Consider After Crooked Leg Aesthetics

  • Sports such as fitness and swimming should not be done for 2 months.
  • It is recommended that you pay attention to your diet after the surgical intervention, turn to a vegetable-oriented diet, and consume foods containing sufficient vitamin C.
  • You should tend to a light diet for 3 weeks. There is no harm in consuming meat types, but you should not neglect other types of food by eating mainly meat.
  • You can take a shower two days after the operation.
  • You should avoid using vehicles such as cars for the first week.
  • For the first week, you should prefer to sleep in a side-lying position.

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