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It is a filling material that is highly compatible with human tissue and retains its effect for a long time. It is applied to the body by injection. This substance is a form of water crystals that have no harm to the body, transformed into a gel form, 98% of which consists of water. Consisting of water molecules, the main component of the body, ensures that the aquafillling agent is a highly reliable substance.

The low cost, long-term and non-surgical growth and thickening of small, voluminous or sagging body areas has caused much more use of aquafilling filling in the last 10 years.

Aquafillling agent provides long-term fullness and flexibility by attracting negatively charged molecules such as collagen and elastin, which provide flexibility, fullness and tightness in the tissues thanks to its positive charge.

Although the previously used fillers dissolve in the body within 1-2 years and sometimes cause asymmetry while disappearing, aquafilling applied under local anesthesia in 20-40 minutes provides a lasting effect for 5-8 years without causing asymmetry.

What is Body Filler?

Depending on aging or other factors, volume loss and sagging may be observed in some parts of the body. Body parts that make up the contours of some people may also be anatomically small and voluminous. Body filling ensures that these areas reach the desired form through natural ingredients applied to the relevant tissue.

Aquafilling; Body filling can be used in butt enlargement and shaping, leg aesthetics, thickening ankles and calves, and correcting crooked or shapeless legs. Successful results are also obtained in body areas where pitting and volume loss are observed due to wounds and burns.

Which regions can Aquafilling be applied to?

Water-based aquafilling application that provides lasting effect for 5-8 years:

  • In the plump and shaping of the butt,
  • In leg aesthetics, thickening of the ankles and calves, correction of crooked and asymmetrical legs,
  • For plumping and shaping facial areas with sagging and volume loss,
  • It is used to correct pitting and deformities caused by surgeries, injuries and burns.

What are the Properties of Aquafilling Agent?

  • Highly compatible with body tissues because it is produced from water molecules that make up 60% of the body. The security profile is very high, as 98% of it consists of water.
  • It does not harm the baby even if she is pregnant.
  • Non-surgical method that does not require surgical procedures.
  • It is applied with injections which are painless with local anesthesia.
  • He is discharged on the same day.
  • After the application, the recovery time is short and does not leave a trace on the body.
  • Remains as a whole, does not crumble, does not leak into other tissues, and is not transported to other areas with body fluids.
  • It has the same consistency with the body tissues, it can be noticed by looking or touching, it provides a very natural appearance.

Provides permanent effect for 5-8 years. After the application, it can be added as many times as you want.

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