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Age 4 Syndrome

Age 4 Syndrome

Age 4 Syndrome , Like adults, children also experience syndromes at some age. Syndrome is a situation where a set of behaviors or emotions that are thought to be unrelated to each other occur and occur at the same time. This condition, which is seen at the age of 4, is called the Age 4 Syndrome. During this period, children are very sensitive. In this case, adults need to be understanding towards their children.

Especially 4-year-old children are curious and constantly ask questions. Their imagination is wide, the talent for humor begins to appear. They confuse people by making complex sentences. They learned a number of concepts. The most distinctive feature of the 4-year-old syndrome is that children easily answer no to everything, although they have not yet fully perceived it..

They do not accept any suggestions or ideas. Children who answer no have constant adjustment problems and become very stubborn. However, it is up to you to educate your child who says no to you because of the syndrome. You have to put in a little more effort than in other periods. You may feel bad sometimes because of this situation.


But at the end of this period, your children will have a social life, and it requires some patience. If you go over it in everything and do not allow yourself to say no to yourself, this situation will return as incompatibility in social relations and low self-confidence in later years.

At the same time, these children begin to recognize their own sexual identity. They cannot get along with their own kind. They establish intimacy with the opposite sex and try to get to know them. These face feelings of competition and comparison. They observe and try to understand social rules. That’s why they are very curious and want to get involved in everything.

Children with Age 4 Syndrome should not see these periods as a problem in order to overcome this syndrome. While children are experiencing this Age 4 Syndrome, parents need to be tolerant and patient. As it is difficult at every age of the child, it is also very difficult in the 4th year. But the more the parents act to turn this situation into a positive one, the easier they will get over the 4-year-old syndrome.


It is very beneficial for children to be able to prevent outbursts of anger and to remain calm. Applying strict rules to the child exhibits negative behaviors. Comparisons and punishments make the child more irritable. It causes him to worry and become an obsessive individual.

This is a very bad situation. In order to be a good parent, it is necessary to be understanding in order to guide the child and constantly criticize his behavior in a negative way. Sometimes, due to the fact that psychological problems are encountered with the Age 4 Syndrome, it is necessary to consult with child psychiatrists and doctors in cases that are very severe and do not seem to improve.

What Should Parents Do in 4-Year-Old Syndrome?

The most common mistake we make is to consider this situation as a crisis. In general, if we turn this situation into a more positive way of getting tired, we can stay calmer. Anger and punishment, especially strict rules, comparisons make the child more irritable. Strengthening ourselves to stay calm and guide him through life is essential to a good child-adult relationship.

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