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Sleep Respiratory Disorder – Sleep Apnea Syndrome 

sleep apnea syndrome

Sleep Respiratory Disorder – Sleep Apnea Syndrome

It is classified as obstructive  Sleep Respiratory Disorder (Sleep Apnea Syndrome)  , central sleep apnea syndrome and sleep-related hypoventilation syndrome.

The risk factors for the most common obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) are; Obesity, advanced age, male gender, smoking and alcohol consumption can be listed as genetic factors.

Findings such as snoring, witnessed apnea (respiratory arrest during sleep), excessive daytime sleepiness, morning fatigue, insufficient sleep, character change, distraction, and impotence indicate the need for investigation in terms of OSAS..

Polysomnography is The Gold Standard for Diagnosis 

If untreated;

Heart rhythm problems, systemic hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, stroke and even sudden death during sleep.In the sleep laboratory of our center, many diseases such as breathing disorders during sleep, restless legs syndrome, periodic leg movements, insomnia, chynee stokes respiration are diagnosed using polysomnography and international scoring methods.

The most appropriate treatment model is decided for the patient with medical treatment, intraoral device, use of device providing positive airway pressure (PAP) and surgical methods.

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