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Chest implants

Chest implants (Pectoral Implants) – Body Contouring Implants


The body you were born with may or may not have the curves or musculature you desire. In some cases, damage from an accident or certain health conditions may make it difficult to improve upon certain areas with exercise alone. The chest can be augmented by implants alone or in conjunction with body fat transfers depending on the changes you desire and your available body fat. Chest implants are designed to change the contours of the chest, enhancing your appearance and self-confidence.

Chest implants

Chest implants, also known as subpectoral implants or pectoral implants, are made of soft, solid silicone. The implants are frequently chosen to enhance body areas for any of the following reasons:

  • areas are asymmetrical
  • an area is not well developed
  • an area has reduced bone structure or muscle due to a health condition
  • an area has lost volume as part of the normal aging process

Pectoral contouring implants improve or accentuate the appearance of body contours and muscular volume.

Pectoral Implant Incision And Pocket Formation

This animation will show the most common incision techniques for a pectoral implant procedure. This method, called the transaxillary technique, makes an incision along the natural fold of the armpit. Using an electrocautery device, your physician will carefully cut horizontally beneath the skin layers and then move toward the pectoralis major muscle. A blunt dissector or the fingertips are then used to carefully form the beginning of a pocket between the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles. Your physician may choose to use an endoscope with a cautery device to fully develop the implant pocket within the muscle. The bottom margin of the pocket will remain above the inframammary fold, which is important for maintaining a masculine appearance with the implants.

Implant Insertion

Silicone breast implants are flexible, allowing them to be folded and placed through the small opening. Your doctor will insert a sterile implant and carefully position it to ensure a tension-free fit between the muscle layers. Placing the implants between existing muscle tissue hides the implants. After the implant is in place, your doctor will confirm that it looks natural and that both implants are symmetrical. Drainage tubes may be used temporarily, allowing fluid to leave your body while you heal. Then, the hole in the muscle pocket for each implant is closed with dissolving sutures. The skin incision is stitched along the armpit, and then the skin is closed. Finally, after the surgery, bandages are applied to each armpit to provide compression and support.

Pectoral Implant Recovery

Your physician may place you in a compression vest, which you will wear for three to four weeks. This garment helps reduce swelling by preventing fluid buildup while improving blood circulation and supporting the new contours of your chest as you heal. You can expect some stiffness and swelling in the armpits and chest, which results from the incision and tissues being stretched during the operation. Surgical drains will usually be removed in about five to days to a week. The implants are flexible, yet firm and will feel like a well-exercised pectoral muscle. While you may feel well enough to return to work and normal activities in one to three weeks following the procedure, you will need to avoid heavy lifting or exertion that will affect the chest or arm region for about a month and a half.


You will notice results from pectoral implant procedures immediately. Swelling after the procedure may cause the skin to appear shiny at first, but it will subside within a couple of weeks, and the skin will regain its normal appearance. As the swelling subsides the area that received the implant will look even more natural. The implants are placed so that they are unlikely to shift, and the muscle surrounding the implants will stretch to comfortably accommodate them over the following months. The scars are hidden increases where they are difficult to detect and will fade considerably over time, making them almost imperceptible. Pectoral implants can help you achieve the shape, definition, and contours that you have always wanted.

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